An Optimist at Heart



“In the long run the pessimist may be proved right, but the optimist has a better time on the trip.”  Daniel L. Reardon

November 13, 2013

Today I was looking at various blogs listed on The Ecuador Expat Exchange. I ran across a post titled: 4 types of Internet Expats (and why they should be avoided). After reading the post, I asked myself which one am I? It is a little simplistic to reduce everyone to 4 categories. There must be more.  Maybe he meant to name it, 4 types of internet expats to avoid. If I had to put myself in one of the categories above, I would be the “rose colored glasses”, but not only. I say this just to warn you, as I am an optimist. I think I was born that way. So my blogs will probably sound like everything is great, not because I am doing it intentionally, but it’s the way I look at things. It takes very little for me to be happy. I am hoping this will make my experience in Ecuador enjoyable. Time will tell. It’s not that I have had a perfect life, but it hasn’t been that bad, I came out on the good end of it and I look back on the 70 years concluding that I have had a darn good run and I expect more of the same. I guess my outlook is, everything will work out well, and it always has. I don’t usually think about all the things that can go wrong, so I don’t make myself miserable worrying about all those things that in reality never happen. (Disclaimer: This does not apply to my going on airplanes). My sister, Mary and my friend, Diane are admittedly the worriers, and they can be no other way.  We are all different. We get a good laugh when we look at the same experience, because we can see our divergent outlooks. It has become comical.

An “aha moment” I had that describes my outlook was when I realized that how I looked at a situation changes the aggravation factor. I used to have NO patience for waiting in line at the grocery store. I would huff and puff and shift from one foot to the other, eyes rolling, etc. I really don’t know what made me change, but I decided to stop getting annoyed. I wasn’t really in a hurry. I had nowhere to get to that very moment, so what’s the problem here? It is just a thought-switch. ( When I read the blogs about the paperwork involved in getting the cedula, I could see that this aha moment may be challenged. I may be eating my words.) I’ll let you know how it goes.

I think it is good to read a lot of blogs to get a well-rounded collection of experiences. That way, you can see what seems “right” to you. I read many blogs to see what everyday life is like for expats, I like to read the real estate listings to see the houses, I like to read the blogs where expats tell about trips around Ecuador, & the Expat Exchange is interesting, I love the videos because they show me what the different places look like. After the variety of information, my husband and I decided to try Ecuador. If you haven’t seen Frugal Frank and Angie’s videos try this link. (They have over 300 videos)

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