Living Vicariously


Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act.” Paulo Coelho

Waiting when you are excited about something is hard to do. One thing I do to handle this is to live vicariously. Yes, through the internet and videos, but also by contacting people who know something about Ecuador. When you start talking to your friends about your latest “crazy idea” uhh I mean adventure, they will know people to help you-at least that is what happened to me. I had met a woman from Ecuador at my friend, Diane’s party. We had talked about her living in Ecuador earlier, but when we talked, I did not have plans to move to Ecuador, so I remembered she lived in South America, but couldn’t remember it was Ecuador until Diane reminded me. At the next party, I asked her a million questions.

Also, a librarian that I knew from teaching, has a sister who lives in Ecuador, another connection. My friend, Sandra, has another friend who was heading to Ecuador for a 2-week vacation. When she got back, we met up for coffee and she told me about Ecuador and all the fun she had. One’s view of a country is different when vacationing than if one lives there. She felt it was a good place to visit, but she wouldn’t want to live there. It was too poor and not what she was used to. I don’t think she spent much time in nice cities. She didn’t think it was particularly cheap, but her tour booked the Sheraton. Case in point: One person on her tour got sick and went to the clinic and she stayed at a hotel near the clinic for a few days and she said it was very nice and a whole lot cheaper. She commented that the tour should have stayed there.

My friend, Sandra found out that a mutual colleague was planning a trip to Ecuador that summer. His wife, who also taught at another school, was Ecuadorian. I went back to work for the school system for a week to fill in at the Help Desk and I ran into Steve, our colleague, but we only had a short time to discuss Ecuador, so we are hoping to get together with our families to talk about it more and to see their pictures.

A couple that we hang out with, George and Arlene, are the adventurous type, so we went to an Ecuadorian Restaurant about an hour from our home. Again, we are living vicariously. We enjoyed tasting the food. We all liked it a lot. We ordered too much food, since we each ordered an entree. The plates were piled high with food. We all ordered something different , so we could do the sharing thingslike we do with Chinese food. Considering the tasty food, I guess we won’t starve there.

Last week, we went to a Venezuelan Restaurant to have my husband’s favorite food, arepas. We went after one of his Volleyball games at the University of Bridgeport. We had to wait quite a while, so while waiting, we ran into one of his players who was there with her boyfriend. We sat together and found out that the boyfriend was from Ecuador, so naturally I grilled him. My enthusiasm was showing so his player asked, when are you planning to go to Ecuador and I had to say we didn’t know for sure, not that soon.

Do you do things to live vicariously or am I the only weirdo? 


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