Coastal Inspired Christmas Decoration

 Coastal Inspired Christmas Ornament:

Who needs snowflakes when you have seashells” A pin on Pinterest by Maine Cottage

I want to make a beach type ornament for every year I am in Ecuador. This one is the one that shows the year I am planning to go to Ecuador. I bought this clear ornament for ½ price, so I paid $2.00 for it. I bought one with a large opening so I could put things into it easier.


Clear plastic ornament

Sharpie oil based paint pen-fine point

Chipped shells or sand (get these items from the Aquarium section, so you can buy small quantities)

Various sized small shells

Glass beads or beach glass



Paint the words you want to use (a beach saying? Quote?)


Take off the silver top

Pour in sand or shell chips


Place in the glass beads


Add small shells


Replace top


Wrap the top with string and hot glue it down

Besides Christmas tree ornaments, I might use the ornament at a holiday dinner as” place cards” with each guest’s name and year written on the ornament. It will be the take away gift as well. Of course next year, I will use the sand and shells right off the Ecuadorian Beach.  Can hardly wait!!!

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