El Milenio’s Ecuadorian Restaurant in Danbury, CT

Let's try Ecuadorian!

Let’s try Ecuadorian!

In the Fall, we decided to eat at an Ecuadorian Restaurant, so I Googled it. There is one about and hour or so from our house, so we asked our friends, George and Arlene to try it with us. They were game for something new, so off we went. The restaurant was not fancy, but it was pleasant. I would imagine it would be like a restaurant in an Ecuadorian city. From what I have seen in pictures some small restaurants in the small towns can be more rustic. We more or less had to go potluck, since we had never tried anything before. Leo got a fish soup that he loved.  It  was served with Aji Sauce on the side. We think it was Parihuela. Arlene ate shrimp over yellow rice. George got Bandeja Latino (FF, chicken, pork). I got Lomito saleado (beef, pork, hot dog, beans and fried eggs.) This was way too much to eat. Next time we’ll do the senior citizen share. We were all pleased with the food. I have to admit you are hearing this from non-fussy eaters. A slideshow of our experience at El Milenio: [carousel before the move]

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