Make a Wish

Make a wish

“The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die.” Edward “Ted” Kennedy


Today I had a wonderful day. I was able to volunteer for a “delivery party” for Make a Wish. My friend, Diane, is a volunteer for the organization and she and another volunteer, Dan, were in charge of making the send-off party called a delivery party, for a little boy called, Matthew. Diane and Dan did a fantasic job ob planning and executing this party. They thought of every possible thing they could do for Matthew to make this a very special day.

She asked me to help her by making cake pops and to decorate the table. I had so much fun. The theme was Toy Story because Matthew was going to Disney World and his favorite characters were Woody from Toy Story and Spiderman. I bought several toys pictured in the movie and scattered them along the table. I got two large dump trucks that I used to hold the cake pops. I then went online to Google Images and Pinterest to find Toy Story cake pop ideas. I ended up making Mickey Pops and a three-eyed character Pops, and red pops that were going to be Spiderman pops, but I could not do the spider web justice, so they became just red pops. I was also in charge of taking pictures at Applebee’s Restaurant where the party was held.( I made a video of his day for him, when I got home.)
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To make this special, Diane and Dan had volunteers dressed up in Woody and Spiderman (Dan) costumes. Matthew went wild when he saw each character. Matthew also had another very special guest, Joe Furey, a local Fox TV weatherman that Matthew loves to watch. Joe Furey had visited Matthew in the hospital when someone contacted Joe earlier. When Joe heard that Matthew was having the party, he said he’d love to come. Again when Joe walked in, Matthew jumped up and down and you could see that Matthew was so happy. There were two different TV news channels there and one newspaper, so Matthew and Make a Wish got a lot of publicity.

We all I had such a good time trying to make the day special for Matthew. It is funny how when you try to do something for someone else, you end up feeling probably better than the one you tried to help.
“The heart that gives, gathers”  Tao Te Ching

How do you volunteer?



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