Make A Wish Party 2


Make A Wish 2

A few days ago, I was fortunate to help with another Make A Wish Party. As I mentioned before, my friend Diane is an official volunteer.  She recruited me to help out. I again made the table decorations and the cake pops. This is all new to me, so I had to scour the internet looking for ideas. Again, this Make A Wish child, Brynn, chose to go to Disney World, probably the number one choice. She was fascinated with the Disney Princesses, so that became our theme. This time, I recruited a friend of Diane’s and mine, Arlene, to help with the cutting out the decorations etc. We sat around and gabbed while we did the work, so it becomes a social thing, too. The second day of cutting out, Diane came by and joined in the “fun”.

This time I decided to learn how to make fancy cake pops to go with the Princess Theme. I checked out a tutorial on YouTube about how to decorate cake pops. I gave it a go, but it did not work well. Next I contacted my niece in FL, who teaches cake decorating at Michaels. She gave me a good set of instructions that worked. Since it was the first time I had tried it, my skills were a bit elementary, but Diane was impressed, so we went with the cake pops.

What was interesting about this particular Make a Wish event was that a girl, Stephanie, who was the co-volunteer, had been a make a wish recipient herself, several years ago.  (Her wish was Disney World, too).

This party was larger than the previous party I had worked on. There were 30 guests. It was held at the restaurant where Brynn’s father works, Go Fish, so Go Fish donated the money to pay for the party above the Make A Wish allotment. At this party, Diane had recruited 3 of her college-aged grandchildren to dress up as Princesses. One princess was in charge of the autograph book, another was responsible for showing the guests what they were to do with the scrolls. The scrolls had a quote from the various Disney Princesses and one person at the table would read the quote and the others at the table had to guess who said it. The third princess did face painting.

I am really impressed with the work these volunteers do to make such a special day for the child’s send-off party. It is called a delivery party, because it is the time that the family receives their plane tickets, Disney tickets, and spending money. The party is usually given just a few days before the family leaves for their destination.

We will be giving another Disney Princess party in May at Red Lobster. We will reuse many of the decorations we made. This seems to be big with the girls. If you have the opportunity to volunteer for Make A Wish, it is fun and makes you feel good that you did a little something to brighten a very sick child’s day.

I hope you enjoy the pictures

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