Time is Getting Short

UB Volleyball Team 2014

Time is Getting Short

We have just shy of 2 months left before the big move, and the reality is hitting home. Last week Leo retired and his team had a farewell party for him at Kelly’s house, one of his players. It was a wonderful time, but sad too. The kids gave him a beautiful picture of himself coaching. I love it. They also gave him a digital frame with a memory card of the professional pictures taken for the last 2 years at the games and volleyball events. Leo will always miss his volleyball team. Thank heavens for games being streamed on the computer. I know we will not miss seeing even one, unless the internet is down (always a possibility I hear). Below are some pictures of the day.

IMG_2018IMG_2008IMG_2014    IMG_2022

Yesterday, some of my former teacher-colleagues got together at the Fishbone Restaurant and had a lovely dinner get-together for me to say good-bye. It was so good to see everyone. During the school year, it is so busy for everyone, so it’s hard to visit much, so we did a lot of gabbing!

These things, friends and family, make the move a bit difficult emotionally.

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