How Much Can We Cram In to the Last Minute

“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well”. 

From: “More Maxims of Mark” 
― Mark Twain

Last Minute Leo!

Let's transfer tapes

This is a good time to transfer tapes.

My husband, Leo, with all his good traits, is the KING of last minute. He put the cars on Craig’s List just last week. We have a car and a truck to get rid of. We are leaving today. Just yesterday we sold the car. Thank you, God. I kind of hate Craig’s List because I hear all these stories of how people are killed by the people who respond to the ads.

Our scenario was, a man called and said he wanted to buy the car. He was from Nigeria and was shipping the car to Nigeria. I figure it is best not to let strangers from Craig’s List in your house, so I asked Leo not  to do it. I look up and there they are. Leo was going to make a copy of his driver’s license. We made the copy, the guy drove the car with Leo, and said he wanted it. Leo goes to the guy’s bank with him and gets the money in cash. Now Leo has a wad of bills in his pocket. Leo follows him to a shipping place near us and then the guy was going to leave the car and then drive Leo back home with Leo holding a pocket full of cash. Call me crazy, but I was nervous. When they arrived and the man left, I was relieved. Nothing against the man personally, its just he was from Craig’s List.

The same guy, called and he is bringing a friend of his to look at the truck today.  The couple across the hall from us is moving today and the movers are looking at the truck right now.If no one buys it, we will donate it to Make A Wish or some other place that will  pick it up today. Last minute drives me crazy.

Leo also, repacked everything I had previously packed a month ago, last night. He came to bed at 4:30 and we got up at 6:00. There is still a small group of  things that have to go to Goodwill and some other things to pack. Our friend George is helping us get rid of  our stuff. Once everything is cleaned out and I can see the floor, I can finish cleaning up. I have the bedroom, the kitchen, & bath done. Also, Leo is still changing VHS tapes to DVD’s. Thank God, we are  leaving at 11:45 PM. Hey, Leo, there is no manana for this stuff.

Gee, that looks ready to go!

Gee, that looks ready to go!

Luckily, Leo has a sense of humor. He read this before I posted it.

  1. Oh dear ! there is always last minute things to do, no matter how much time we have, but you are doing a great job, getting everything tied up and done, and this time tomorrow you will be in Ecuador. 🙂

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