• Richard, I did get a nap,but I cut it short because i had a diiner at 6:00 with a neighbor and my watch was still an hour a head and i was too tired to realize it at first. Last night I slept like a log. We did go straight. Yesterday at lunch i realized that was my first food in 24 hours. thanks for following!

    • Phyllis,
      smokey did alright on the flight i guess. She had all of her hair. I figured with the stress from the noisy fight and probably the two dogs barking, she would have lost all her hair. She’s getting used to the new apt. and actually we all feel at home.

    • Jan, Today is a whole new day. Woke up with the roosters, literally. Leo and I had breakfast at the dining room table viewing the beach. really, I think I am in heaven. (Honeymoon
      stage). I will enjoy this stage for its run!!

  1. Oh,yay! I am sooo excited for you! Sounds so beautiful and relaxing.
    Glad to hear about the kitty – you know how worried I was.
    I think I am a bit envious!!!

    • Pam, thanks, I’m still so tired. I tried writing my blog tonight and I was goofing it up, so I will try to write earlier tomorrow. WE got 2 big jugs of water today and DirecTV. Still no phone. Maybe tomorrow. Love hearing from you.

      • Hi Joyce! When your phone gets connected call me. (Lol). So happy you are experiencing the real thing now. Can’t wait to hear more!

        • I am glad you found us! I just sent you an email. I also typed this reply once and lost it.Miss you bunches!!!!

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