Day 2-

beach1 Moving to a new place there is so much to buy to stock an apt. We limit what we get at each trip, so we can carry it home, so we had to make a commissary(grocery store) trip to the mall. We went armed with our passports today. We went to Claro the mobile phone company. They sent us to another Claro store in the Mall (there were 3). Why 3, I will never know. We needed to get a Sim card at the other store. When we got there we found they were out of them. So we planned to go the next day, but didn’t make it. Hope to go today. We forgot our canvas bag, so since we bought a laundry basket, we piled as many things in it as we could. Leo carried the basket home on his head. (He thinks he’s in Africa). I didn’t care, since I didn’t have to carry it. What ever floats your boat.

Leo is using his head!

Leo is using his head again!

When we got home, we called Wendy to find out where to buy the big water jugs. Also, she called Josue to help us get the DirecTV going. He had to call Quito to get things figured out. He told Leo  to put $3.00 on his phone, so he could call. The call used up all the money, so Josue had to go back to the mall with $5.00 Leo provided to add more time. He was able to complete the TV business. Wendy gave us directions downtown to Genesis to get the 2 water jugs. ($1.50 each). We walked there and picked up a few other food items as well. We took a tuk tuk ( three wheeled motorcycle) home. We could barely fit the two big bottles and ourselves in the back. Ride=$.50.

Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk

Finally with a little time on our hands, we went to the beach. Leo went in and I took pictures.


Leo and Joyce sitting on the beach for the first time.

Leo and Joyce sitting on the beach for the first time.

Afterwards, we went to Elenita’s comedor (thatched hut restaurant) across the street from us to sit and have a beer and a snack of patocones. The Pilsner was so big that we split it. Cost: $2.50.

Sitting at Elenitas.

Sitting at Elenitas.

Our apt. from Elenita's.

Elenita’s from our apt.

I cooked tonight at home. In the US, I mostly cooked in my toaster oven. It’s a good size for two. We have a toaster over here, but it was too small to put in a small whole chicken. I decided to stew the chicken in a pot with onions, corn, and potatoes. I never stewed a chicken before, but it was delicious. We will eat the other half  day after tomorrow.

    • Richard, yes, we are getting used to the place and feeling more at home each day. Glad you’re enjoying the sites.

  1. Joyce-
    Love all the photos and information you are posting! Looking at those prices, we are all going to want to move there!

    • Thanks, I am glad you like the pictures. It is really beautiful. There are shacks etc here, too, but that’s So.America. We like it all. It doesn’t bother us. Good prices!

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