Day 7-One full week.

Today was just a regular day. Nothing special, but enjoyable. I unpacked a couple of suitcases. Leo went downtown with Neil to get some wood to make a table, bar  height, so we can sit and watch the ocean. I  had “the runs” today, but Leo did not, so not sure why.  At one point I didn’t feel too well, so I rested and watched TV. Later we took a 1/2 hour walk on the beach. Leo went in the water and I just sat. Then we stopped at Elenita’s for a beer and shared a  shrimp ceviche (senior citizen style. ) It tasted great. Let’s see how it sits with us. I’m skipping dinner, but Leo is going to eat Colombian sausages.

I finally got my fishermen video to work that I made yesterday. I worked on it all evening. This morning it finally came together. I hate when I think I am doing it right and it doesn’t work. Still don’t know what the trouble was. But I published it on Day 6.

    • Thanks for your well wishes. I do feel better. I guess it is a combination of getting some of the water in my system (although we do drink bottled water) and new foods. Part may be being run down from burning the candle at both ends. At least we’re slowing down some, now.

  1. Jeez Joyce, maybe the food doesn’t agree with you. I know I can’t drink the water when I go to Florida or any place other than Ct. hope you feel better.

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