4th of July-Just Another Day in Playas, Ecuador


Our newest citizen celebrates the 4th of July.

Our newest citizen celebrates the 4th of July.

There are several expats here in Playas, but they are from other countries, so there is no celebration for 4th of July. In Salinas, about an hour or so from here, they do celebrate because there are several Americans to get the party started and the rest just like an excuse to party-sounds good to me. We did have Wendy and Neil up for dinner. I made a few appetizers ( I know my friends are surprised, sure!), the ladies had wine and the men had beer. I also made an Ecuadorian dish, fish stew. It was really good if I do say so myself. I tried to make a red, white, and blue dessert. I made white cupcakes, put blueberry ice cream, strawberries, and whipped cream. Wendy and Neil are easy to talk to  so we enjoyed their company. I sent Leo downtown to get cut flowers. I had seen on the internet that Ecuador is famous for their flowers especially roses, but I guess not in this part. He asked a lot of people downtown for them, but they said no. He was telling everyone that he had a fight with his wife and she would not be happy unless he brought home flowers. Still no flowers. He dropped off some fabric I had brought from the US and 2 pillow forms I had bought at the Mall to the seamstress we saw as we walked down the street the day before. She said they’d be ready at 5:00, but we didn’t go back yet. We’ll go  today.

The fabric I chose to go with this dark green sofa.

The fabric I chose to go with this dark green sofa.

This morning I decided I’d better get busy on the laundry. I wasn’t  looking forward to hanging it out like I did as a kid. I did the first load and it wasn’t too bad. I hang the laundry in Wendy’s courtyard near the washer. The wind is a bit of trouble when I am trying to  hang sheets. She said it will probably be dry, by the time the next load comes out of the washer. I don’t doubt it with this wind.

Wind is winding the clothes around the line, so they're getting knotted up.

Wind is winding the clothes around the line, so they’re getting knotted up.

The last few days have been rather humid. There is water on the screens and stuff feels damp in the house. I went online today to see what the temp and humidity was. It is 90 degrees and 58% humidity. The temperature for the rest of the week is projected at 88. This wind that blows is the savings grace of the place. Wendy says it blows all year. I hope so!. The last few days has been what is called, Oleas Aguaje, an exceptionally high  tide. Another one worse will be July 13-16. The comedors (restaurants) across the street are flooded. The waves have been raging. No one has been going swimming.The computer said the waves were 9 feet high recurring every 15-17 seconds. Today the situation is getting better. There are people on the beach (week-end) but I don’t see anyone swimming. There is a big undertow when the waves are like this.

Comedors Flooded

Comedors Flooded

  1. The weather sounds like what it has been here this past week, with higher humidity here. Very windy today compliments of hurricane Arthur. I washed my winter blanket and hung it out on the line to dry, the wind does a good job 🙂

    • I remember the very hot days in New England but not too many. It’s incredible that we could be cooler on the Equator than in MA.
      Go figure.

  2. There was a picture in the Courant of the new citizens at the Rockcats game. The only person missing was Leo (*_*)

    • Arlene had told us about the swearing in at the Rock cats game. I heard there were 2 Ecuadorians sworn in. Too bad he didn’t have a baseball game with his day. What is more American than a baseball game and a hot dog!

      • Tell Leo the Rockcats will be moving from New Britain to Hartford in 2016. Everyone is very upset. The New Britain stadium is perfect and easy to get to. There are still a lot of talks so nothing is final yet

        • Yes, that word came out just before we left. We couldn’t figure out why that would be a good move. I agree with you about its convenience. I wonder if Hartford would really attract more fans? I doubt it.

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