Dinner at KasKas

“Don’t eat until you’re full, eat until you’re tired!”
Hawaiian saying

I must have been Hawaiian in another life.

Nice restaurant. Open store front. Notice the table top is a slice from a tree.

Nice restaurant. Open store front.


Tonight we went out to dinner at Wendy and Neil’s favorite restaurant, KasKas. We walked downtown at 7:00. The air was really cool this evening so I wore long pants and a long sleeve shirt. This was about the second  especially cool evening so far. They are all cool because of the constant breeze, but it is usually just right. It is a pleasant walk to town. We pass several establishments that serve food and even a new disco with music blaring. Across the street near the beach I see little places selling trinkets, jewelry, and clothes. Many more selling stalls exist on the weekends because it gets more crowded with the Guayaquil weekend vacationers. Playas is a good mix, because it is quiet during the week and lively on the weekends.

Fish was the hit of the night.

Fish was the hit of the night.

The restaurant was nice. The waiter Marcos, was very friendly and wanted to make sure we were happy with our food. Three of us drank Pilsners and the Wendy drank wine. They didn’t have any cool white wine for me. Leo ordered fried plantains with cheese for an appetizer.  Leo and Wendy ordered a fish dish, corvina and Neil and I ordered Shrimp and Rice. I tasted Leo’s dish and both, his and my food were delicious. Fish is King around here. Beef is out, too tough. Even Filet Mignon, is poor. We had a good time. We are so lucky to have Wendy and Neil to show us the ropes.


After dinner we went for a walk through the downtown area. It was lively there, too. We walked to Playas’s Iguana Park. There were people sitting on the benches in the park. The park had one big tree in the middle with a place to walk around it and benches along the perimeter.  Wendy mentioned that the iguanas and the pigeons slept in the top of the tree. We took a few pictures, but since it was night, they aren’t that good. We want to go back in the daytime to see them. Apparently they have performances at the park periodically. Across from the park is the “Town Hall” or Municipal Building. Also across from the park is the Catholic Church. It is a simple structure. Not like those grand ones in Quito and Cuenca. I am glad to see that this church did not have the gold domes and multimillion dollar facades because the people need the money spent in better ways here. We continued to sightsee as we walked home. The area we were in was near the Mercado that we had been to a few days ago. When we passed by the disco this time is was more busy since it was getting later, around 10:00.

The pictures look a little better if you click on them to enlarge them.

You can see the iguana's belly up in the tree.

You can see the iguana’s belly up in the tree.


The pigeons roost in the tree.

The pigeons roost in the tree.

I really like living in a small town. I’m not sure why, but in some ways it reminds me of living in Naples, FL in the late 50’s. Not that it looks like it at all, but there is a “feel” about it. I remember in Naples, a girl took me under her wing and introduced me to everyone, so I felt a part of the community right away. It has been the same here with Wendy. Naples in those days was less crowded especially  in the summer. Many kids drove around in open jeep (military style) and everyone waved and beeped as they went by. The beach was the place to go for all. You stopped and talked to people you know when you run in to them at the supermarket or on the street. It’s like that here. It’s the “feel” I like–small town atmosphere.

  1. You are living the good life, and seem to be settling in very well. So lucky to have Wendy and Neil to show you around, you all seem to have bonded very well. I enjoy your blog every day 🙂

    • Phyllis, We are lucky to have them to help us and befriend us. I am glad you enjoy the blog. It’s kind of fun to see how things go in the other hemisphere.

  2. Hi Joyce. Looks like food is plentiful there. Any chocolate desserts for me? Had a picnic over at Cindy and John’s house yesterday. Told her all about your adventures. Things are good here. Enjoying another nice weekend.

    • Hi Diane,
      Food is plentiful and so is the exercise. I am walking my legs off.There are chocolate desserts, but I haven’t tried any. I haven’t eaten many desserts. I did make tres leche for Leo, but I’m not nuts about it, but he loves it. Glad you saw Cindy and John. Is Cindy planing to come to Ecuador any time soon. Did you tell her the blog address? I am glad the weather is nice for you. It’s been cool here in the evenings. We had a few overcast days, but I don’t mind them really. It never rains. I talked with Arlene today on Skype. We talked an hour and 45 min.I am trying to leave the Skype open if you want to call or leave your Skype on and I’ll call you. Morning is good for us or after 7:00PM
      Hope to talk to you soon.

    • That’s what it is all about! I do miss my life in USA, too. Yet,like it here too. It’s an adventure that we are enjoying.

  3. Wow! I love reading your posts – seems like a great vacation, but for you it is REAL LIFE!!! Awesome! You are really lucky to have people there to show you around, etc. – but you would not have that if YOU hadn’t done so much research and communicated with them in the first place…just sayin’. Anyway, they seem like really nice people (like you two). I’m sure they feel lucky to have you, as well. Do either of them speak any Spanish? Those pictures of the iguana and the pigeons are GREAT!!! I can’t believe they climb trees ( the iguanas, not the pigeons) – I had no idea! Cool!!

    • Thanks, I am glad you are enjoying the posts. Tell Dave hello.Today the hotel next door had a birthday party, Latin style, loud music, lots of food,lots of people, a DJ, and lots of decorations. The theme was Mickey and Minny Mouse.Shout out to Diane Quinn, Disney is everywhere.(She and I did Disney themes for every “Make a Wish” Party.) As to Iguana Park, I can’t wait to get to the park in the day. I thought I would get there today,but I did not. Maybe manana. I’ve been watching a little TV (English) and for some reason I’ve seen a lot of Nicolas Cage movies. I didn’t realize he made so many bad movies. So much for TV. What are you doing, Pam?

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