Iguana Park in the Daytime

The traveler was active; he went strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him. He goes ‘sight-seeing.’  Daniel J. Boorstin       

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Breakfast! I am glad they eat vegetable and not MEAT! My toes are safe.

Breakfast! I am glad they eat vegetable and not MEAT! My toes are safe.

The gazebo

The gazebo


Today we headed downtown about 9:00. We walked to Iguana Park first to see the Iguanas up close. When we got there, the workers were cleaning up the park. At first there was one iguana on the ground eating from a big pile of lettuce. We looked up into the tree to see several here and there on the branches. As we stood there taking pictures, some of them started climbing down the tree. There we saw several pigeons still in the tree and some were on the gazebo in the middle of the park. One of the iguanas in the tree was very skinny and had a very long tail. As I was video taping, I saw his tail which was striped and I thought it was a snake at first, because it was so long and thin.

 Video of the Iguanas-Click

We looked around the area and saw the church again and the municipal building. We went inside the municipal building. In the lobby they had a model of a new project for the Malecon. The comedors that are in front of us have been given a 5 year notice that they will have to vacate. The people in those comedors pay $1.00 a month to have their restaurant there. The Malecon will have better restaurant buildings, performance centers, a water park, tables and chairs, gardens. I guess similar to  the one we walked on in Guayaquil. I heard that it will be more rustic with thatched roofed buildings, which I like.

The Church.

The Church.

The Municipal Building (City Hall)

The Municipal Building
(City Hall)

Later we walked towards the Tia Market. Leo was armed with his bookbag to carry our treasures. We needed scotch tape and salt and pepper shakers. The ones we bought earlier had holes that were too big. I wanted a hand mixer, but it was $30.00. I will check in Guayaquil next Tuesday when we go there again to compare prices. I will have to bite the bullet on this one. I need a mixer!


Then we walked over to the Mercado again. You really have to be careful  when you walk down the sidewalks, because there are grade changes every few feet.   I walk with my head down,looking up periodically to see where I am going. I needed 3 lbs of tomatoes and basil to make spaghetti sauce. The tomatoes were $.50 a lb. and we didn’t know the Spanish word for basil. I  tried to use my phone with Google Translate, but I was getting nothing. I bought 10 cents worth of cilantro. I liked just taking what I needed for my bean recipe, about 2 T.  I always throw the rest away, because it wilts so fast. The store I got the tomatoes in had already wilted cilantro, so I didn’t buy it there. The stall across the hall had better, so I bought it there. When we went onto the street, we decided to live wild and spend 50 cents for a ride home on the tuk tuk. I took video of the ride home. We bounced along on the bumpy roads, so the video is rather shaky. As we ride you can see, restaurants, pharmacies, clothing stores.Once we hit the Malecon there are restaurants, houses, vacant lots, hosterias (like motels) and hotels. Some of the places are fairly nice and some are run down. That is So.America generally, except in the big cities. It doesn’t bother me. It is what it is. Ponape where I used to live and teach in the early 70’s was much the same. Even the noise in the town doesn’t bother me, but I thought it might.

When I came home, I started making the beans without bugs. It took a while. Leo went on the computer and found a site that told which spices were found here and their Spanish Names. I am going to put the information from that site in a chart form so it will be easier to read at a glance and publish it on my site  to help any expat here that may find my site.

Leo went back downtown to order wood for a shelf-like table, bar height, so we can eat upstairs and see the beach. We want to use that  space more. He also got our passport copied and reduced and laminated for $1.00 each. That was good. We can carry those instead of our passports until we get our cedula, ID card. Armed with the Spanish word for basil, albaca, Leo went back to the Mercado and bought it  from the first man we bought the tomatoes from. Leo bought 50 cents worth, but I only needed 10 cents worth.  I made the spaghetti sauce and we ate it on rigatoni. It was good. I’ll probably make a caprese sandwich tomorrow for lunch. I had one once in Newport eating lunch with Diane Quinn and Ann Marzano. I have been a fan of anything caprese since. I need to buy some balsamic vinegar tomorrow.

Leo spent the afternoon translating our marriage license, because next week we are going to Guayaquil to get our 9-I Pension Visa. I think I have all of the paperwork ready except the Marriage License translation, so we will see what happens on Tues. Some people hire lawyers for this, but we will see how it goes. We don’t want to spend 100’s of dollars if we can do it ourselves. We went on the Ecuador Consulate Site and it said what we  needed.That stuff,  I have. Let’s see!  Probably expats that read this are laughing at me now, because things don’t always go as planned.

  1. Hi Joyce. Tried hang outs tonight but you weren’t available. Will you be up tomorrow (Tuesday) 9am your time 10 my time?

  2. Mom and Dad you two are the first to know that I no longer consider my self a Brasillian, I am now an independent.

    • What happened?, you can not handle the thruth…the G kick the butt of the samba boys……..really Brasil did not have any futebol today…beter the German’s play an excellent game ….Hwever I was and am an optimist coach, I am ealistic and after the 3er goal I say itis over, and during the half time I told mom, well is time to and do something most interesting….go to the beach……IT WAS A VERY BAD DAY FOR BRASILIAN SOCCER….
      AH! Danil your cousin gave me the information that his grand father o tio Ney passaway lasrt Saturday, also I did not know that tia Iracema passaway last year, if you can send note to him…se you latter Brasiliam…..

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