Quiet Day

“Quiet is the new loud” ― Joe Robitail

Today we had a quiet day. We talked to Diane Quinn on Hang Out. That was nice to see her and Jack. We really miss them so much!

I also did another laundry. They dried better today, because it was less humid. It was a bit overcast, but the wind was blowing a lot. Leo went to the lumber yard to pick up the lumber he ordered and he  took a taxi disguised as a pick up truck, so he could carry the wood. It is usually $1.00 for a cab, but he gave him $2.00 for the extra cargo. Leo spent part of the day trying to translate our marriage certificate for next Tuesday’s visit to Guayaquil. He watched Germany kill Brasil in the World Cup, so he decided to go to the beach at half-time. For him it was over.

The beach was kind of cold today. There were quite a few people at the beach considering it is Tuesday and cold. Leo goes in the water and I sit on the beach and enjoy the view. There were several groups of net fishermen on the beach. They haven’t been  around with the rough seas lately, but they are calmer now.


Click here of a video to see our ride home from the mercado. It is noisy riding in that tuk tuk.

  1. The video is great, gives a good idea of what the area looks like, some very modern buildings and some not so modern !

    • Yes, you are right. It is a big mix, so typical of So. America. I saw enough videos before we came that I knew what I was getting into.

    • Yes, there are buses, but we haven’t gone anywhere far enough to take one. Leo says I will hate the bus, but I want to experience it.

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