Smokey likes the Shrimp, too.

I wonder if they will notice if I take just one.

I wonder if they will notice if I take just one.

I’ve been sick with the flu. Instead of lasting 24 hours like the US flu, it took 48 hours. I am on the 3rd day, recovering from the ordeal day. I thought I would post a cute picture of Smokey until I am up to writing.

  1. Sorry to hear of your flu, hopefully you are feeling better, and also Leo. Smokey looks ready for a feast 🙂

    • Thanks Phyllis. Leo is doing well. I felt better yesterday, but I am sketchy today, feeling sort of sickish in my stomach again. It may take awhile. Hope all is well with you and Noel.

    • Hi Pam, Smokey thanks you. Hope you are enjoying your last summer off-then it’s summer all year ’round.

  2. Wishing you a quick recovery. Rest well, drink lots of liquids, stay away from dairy products. If they have ginger ale or ginger beer (a soda—non alcoholic) that would sooth your stomach. Take very good care.(*_*)

    • Hi Jan, Thanks for the tips, I will try it. I keep telling myself, this too will pass. What are you doing these days? Are you doing any special art projects?

  3. Hi Joyce,
    So glad I finally signed on.
    I hope you are finally feeling better.
    Looks like Smokey enjoys shrimp as much as I do 🙂
    Take care.

    • Thanks, Joan. Glad to see you signed on. I am still feeling bad, but I went to the Dr. today and Leo just went back up there after the blood test and they gave him an antibiotic for me. He went out and bought all the stuff the Dr. told him to buy to feed me. He’s so cute. How are you doing?

    • Thanks hon, Dad is great, but I’m still sick. He is being the nurse for me. We’ll try to put more pics of
      Smokey. Give the kids big kisses from us. Love you, Mom

  4. I haven’t had much time to paint. My arthritis is terrible and I go to the therapy pool at the Hospital for Special Care to work out–it’s quite an ordeal but it seems to be working. One more bit of advice—if you’re on antibiotics be sure to have a little yogurt every day (I know–that’s the dairy I previously had told you to stay away from). Stay on the ginger if you can get some–put it in a solution of boiling water and sugar—good for you /(*_*)\

    • Sorry to hear about your arthritis. I have heard that can be awful. Glad the pool therapy is helping, though. Thanks again for the tips, they seem to work. I cannot find the ginger though. The Dr. gave me an antacid to take with the antibiotic. And she did say, keep away from dairy. Was the yogurt to sooth the stomach?

      • You should take yogurt ( that has good bacteria) when you are taking an antibiotic. The antibiotic can kill off the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria., or take a probiotic pill.

    • All shrimp, heads and all. Loved talking to you yesterday. We saw a possible rental here in Playas-Loved the house!!!!! Don’t know price and it won’t be available until about 6 mo.

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