Eating at Juan Ostra’s Oyster House

He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.  Jonathan Swift


Leo, Wendy, Neil, and Barry outside of Juan Ostra.

Leo, Wendy, Neil, and Barry outside of Juan Ostra.

Today is officially a week that I have been out of sorts with the lingering effects of the flu. I do feel pretty good now, but I have been lethargic. To catch up what I haven’t written about I’ll start with last Friday. Leo and I decided to go out to dinner, and we wanted to try a new place, so we asked Wendy and Neil if they were in the mood to go out to eat and could they recommend a new place. They suggested Juan Ostra’s Oyster House. They said it was a “hole-in-the-wall”, but had good food. They were right. Apparently, Juan is well known in the area. He goes out every day and harvests his own oysters. His son, Wilmar, is the chef. We all ordered a different dish and each person raved about his or her selection. We had another person join us, Barry, an expat from all  over the US, his father was in the Army. He is the guy I mentioned earlier that was a former volleyball coach. At the end of the evening, Juan and his son, Wilmar joined us for a few  minutes for pictures. Leo of course could talk to them. Just before we left, Juan brought out oyster shooters. They were good except for the fact they were sooooo salty. There is  video on YouTube that a local TV station produced.  It is in Spanish, but you can see what the place looks like.

  1. As they say , when in Rome, do as the Romans. Oyster shots????? You are very brave 🙂
    I hope your lethargy is gone after the shots!!!

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