Meeting a New Expat Couple Visiting Playas


Ann and Raj from Arizona visiting Playas

Ann and Raj from Arizona visiting Playas

Sunday, I got an email from Wendy that she had met a couple from Arizona here in Playas. They wanted to see a few expats’ homes. Wendy usually gets a call from Josue’s Mom who owns a hotel that is frequented by expats who are visiting for a while. Wendy and Neil go over to meet them and see if they want to get together. Anyway, they came up to Wendy’s and my apt. to see it. There names were Ann and Raj. Raj is originally from India and Ann the US. When they first arrived at our apt. Wendy was at the Mall, and we were about to eat, so Leo took them over to Elenita’s comedor and helped them order something. We called Wendy and she stopped over there and sat with them while they ate. About 1.5 hours later they came by. After we talked for a while here, we all walked down the Malecon past the Mall to visit Gary and Christine. We had never seen Gary and Christine’s house. They bought a house on the internet sight unseen. Needless to say, they were most discouraged when the house did not meet their expectations. They moved here from Australia. They have been fixing up their home for the past 3 years. I had heard that Christine can’t wait to get out of here. When we got there, I was totally in love with their house. It is not fancy, but I just felt at home there. I spent the whole afternoon trying to convince her that she should rent it to us. Well she was ready, but the catch is that she has a dog and 2 cats that will stay. Wendy has already said she’d take the animals, but it will be around 6 months or more before her house will be ready and she has room for the animals. We have not talked price for rental, but I love that house. She has made the most beautiful garden on the side of the house. She has a big wooden deck on the front of her house for outdoor entertaining. You can see the ocean from her deck. She is about a block from the beach. I am not sure how that will work out, but we’ll see. The other couple was very nice, but were shocked at the way 3rd world countries look. That surprised me because there is so much information on the internet about all these towns that no one should be surprised. It looks just like I had seen on the internet.


Joyce in Christine’s Garden


Joyce and Christine


Leo by the bougainvillea


After drinks at Christine’s and Gary’s, we decided to go to Kas Kas for dinner. We walked downtown to the restaurant. Ann and Raj invited Josue to come. His mother’s hotel is practically next door to the restaurant. This was the second time we had been to Kas Kas’s. The two meals that Leo and I had ordered were delicious and I was tempted to try one of those again, but I said, no, I am going to try something new. I tried a chicken dish with shrimp on top in a sauce that was also very good. Leo tried fried corvina (fish) this time. It was good, too. Ann ordered filet mignon against my warnings about beef in Playas being bad. She didn’t notice they didn’t ask her how she wanted it until it arrived well done. Now that’s a was waste of a filet. I have been told that the beef at the Super Maxi is good in Portoviejo. I guess we’ll see. We got home about 10:00 PM and we were not packed to go to Guayaquil in the morning for our residency papers and then later to Portoviejo to go house hunting for 2 days. Luckily we didn’t have to be at the gov’t building until 2:00 PM to pick up our passports we had left a few days ago and then start the Residency papers. I will tell that saga tomorrow.

Around the table at left: Wendy, Neil, Joyce, Ann, Josue, Raj, Leo, Gary, Christine

Around the table at left: Wendy, Neil, Joyce, Ann, Josue, Raj, Leo, Gary, Christine

  1. It’s so nice that you’re meeting lots of people. I guess choosing a house on the internet is like choosing a date…..everything and everyone looks great until you seem them in person (*_*)

  2. Hi Joyce. You look like you’re feeling better. I love all the flowers in her garden. Can’t wait to hear where your next home will be. Maybe you will get your b and b finally!!!!

    • Yes, we did get the house on the beach in Crucita for a reduced rent and they will let us use it as a B&B. We are moving in Aug. 14.The house is sooo nice.

        • Thanks, I am glad you like my posts. We are so excited about the house. We did not intend to go this route (big House), but couldn’t resist!

    • Hi Diane, Yes, we are busier here than in CT. I just love her garden. Are you enjoying your summer? When Aug. hits, I always felt summer was going way too fast and it was almost over.

    • It is great, but we will be leaving them in 2 weeks. I hope we meet some people like the ones here. They have been so good to us. Tomorrow we are going to Joanne’s house to see it. She is starting a bed and breakfast here in Playas. I can’t wait to see it.

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