Dinner With Friends

We  were treated to a lovely lunch with Arthur and Wendy and Neil took care of our cat  when we went to Crucita, so we wanted to do something nice for them to say thank you, by taking them to dinner. We all met up outside of Arthur’s condo and walked to the restaurant. We had heard from Arthur that they had good food and it was Portuguese. It turned out it was Ecuadorian, but the way they seasoned their meat, it tasted like the meat we had in Brasil. I was afraid to get beef, but Leo did and it was thin sliced and cooked well in that great seasoning they use and you could chew it! I will probably get it next time. If we have time for a next time. Below are some slides of the night and what the restaurant looks like. It is different from most with he ladies cooking right on the sidewalk outside. I got corvina (fish) and it was good, too. I tasted Arthur’s pork chop and it was very good. I  love the food here. Can you believe dinner for 5 was $28.00? Welcome to Ecuador! Below is the slide show of the night.

  1. Wow ! $28 for 5 dinners, I am impressed, you might have gotten one dinner here for that price. You could eat out every evening at those prices 🙂

    • True, and unfortunately we do eat out a lot. I’ve gotten out of the habit of cooking. We just ate out again. Third day in a row.

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