Sightseeing in El Morro, Ecuador

Leo and me in El Morro Port

Leo and I in El Morro Port

Today Leo and I met up with Joanne at our apt. to go to El Morro, a town about 8-10 miles from here. The three of us walked to the bus station to meet up with Bob who was joining us. We stopped at a bakery so Joanne could buy a pastry for breakfast and we all got a water to take with us. By the time we got to the bus station, Bob was there not realizing that we were on Ecuador time–late. We went to get tickets and found out we were at the wrong bus station. We needed to be near the Mercado, so we grabbed 2 tuk tuks and headed for the bus station. We got there just in the nick of time because the bus was about to leave. We jumped on and thank God there were seats. The bus ride was $2.00 for the four of us. Leo and I tried to sit in the same seat, but Leo would not fit, so he had to take a seat alone. Everyone in the bus was laughing. We American’s are too big. We bounced along the pothole filled road about ½ way until we hit the gravel road and really began to bounce! The bus took us right to the office of the boat trip.We purchased tickets ($5.00 each) and got life jackets and boarded the boat.

Leo and Joanne on the bus. Kids behind Leo were on the bus coming home from school. They start at 6:00AM.

Leo and Joanne on the bus.
Kids behind Leo were on the bus coming home from school. They start at 6:00AM.

Bob on the bus.

Bob and Joanne on the bus.

It was a beautiful day. The boat ride was so enjoyable for all of us. Leo and I decided we needed a boat like that one to make into a cocktail lounge to cruise around with friends and party! We looked at mangroves. We saw people along side the mangroves cutting oysters off of the roots, spearfishing crabs, and getting shrimp. There is an island that is inhabited by lots of birds. We especially enjoyed seeing the flamingos. It was hard to spot the birds while looking through the camera, but I did get a few good shots. In the trees we saw the flamingos, ibis, pelicans, and frigate. The frigates were sitting on poles in the water. Each bird had its own pole.   After we rounded a few bends in the waterway, we spotted several boats congregated together. They were looking for dolphins. We saw quite a few dolphins. Again they were hard to photograph, but were easy to see with just your eyes. It was quite thrilling. We were out for 1.5 hours.

All the sights we saw on our boat ride.

When we went into town we saw all sorts of things. There were boats lining the water. Fishing boats and customs inspection boats. There were restaurants lining the dock. People were sitting around on walls and walking around. Men selling crabs were there, too. We saw many beautiful flowers on the walkway along the docks.   We finally chose a restaurant to eat at. It was very good. We all had some kind of fish dish. We ate outside near the water under the shade of some trees. We chit chatted and ate.  It was delightful.


Things we saw while walking the docks and surrounding area.

Joanne had mentioned a wooden church in El Morro that we looked at from the bus coming in. We decided to get a bus or cab to the church after eating. Joanne got us a pick up truck cab. Bob and I hopped  into the truck and Joanne and Leo jumped in the bed of the pick up. Welcome to Ecuador! For $2.00, he took us to the church. It looked closed up, so we took pics of the outside. We walked around to the back and found a door open and the priest and secretary let us come in and take pictures. It was quite beautiful and is used by couples in Playas and Guayaquil for their weddings. Next we found a regular cab and for another $2.00 rode the rest of the way to Playas. We all got off in the middle of downtown, so Leo and I got  a 50 cent tuk tuk home. This was really one of the nicest days we have spent in Ecuador.

Our visit to the church, San Jacinto de El Morro

  1. You two are having a great adventure, seeing and exploring lots of new places . I so enjoy reading your blog and sharing in your adventure 🙂

    • Yes, we have really been enjoying our time here. we are trying to do as much as we can here, before we move. I had seen this dolphin place on line before we moved and it was one thing I really wanted to see, so I am glad we were able to do it. I enjoy getting your comments. I feel like I get to talk to you everyday.

  2. I love reading your comments—your detail makes every blog a picture. As I said before you should really write a children’s book about Leo’s adventures in Ecuador (*_*)

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