Jazz Night at Kas Kas

On left Bob, Neil, Wendy, Gary Christine, Joyce, Arthur

On left Bob, Neil, Wendy, Gary Christine, Joyce, Arthur


Last night, Thursday, we went to Kas Kas with Wendy, Neil, Christine, Gary, Bob and Arthur. The reason we all went is that Doris had put together a jazz band with a variety of people including Ecuadorians. They are all quite versatile band members as many of them switch off and play various instruments. I believe they met at the cultural center in town. They had managed to get a gig at Kas Kas’s Restaurant last night. I have never seen Kas Kas so full of people. People hung outside on the streets as well, to listen to the music. We enjoyed it a lot. Bob, who no one knew could play trumpet, was itching to get in the mix. Near the end of the night, he joined in. Even though he had not played for 20 years, he did very well. He had played professionally on the Jersey shore. Below are some pictures and of the evening.



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