Ladies’ Night Out


Putting it all together.

Putting it all together.

Around the table on left: Wendy, Carmen, Lola, Joanne, and Christine

Around the table on left:
Wendy, Carmen, Lola, Joanne, and Christine


Last night, Saturday, was Ladies’ Night Out at Carmen’s house. Carmen is an Ecuadorian who is married to a Canadian. Her husband Roger, is in Canada visiting his family, so she is alone. She had a potluck dinner, so we could all get together. I love potluck dinners, because I love to taste things I might not otherwise taste. There was lasagna, an eggplant-tomato dish, chicken with a ginger sauce, quinoa with spices, vegetables Tian, carrot cake and fruit on a skewer. Everything was delicious. It gives everyone a chance to talk, girl talk. I met another Ecuadorian woman who used to live in CA. She is married to a man from the States. I enjoyed talking with her.

I am a bit sad to be leaving Playas, because I have met so many nice people. We have been very active here, too. I am afraid that it will be too quiet in Crucita, but let’s face it Leo and I will make the best of any situation. If it is too bad, we could try to move back here in a year. Or we could have the time of our lives, who knows the future!

While we were having Ladies’ Night, the Men were having Men’s Night Out at Neil’s apt downstairs. Leo said they had great food and conversation, too.

Gary, Arthur, Bob

Gary, Arthur, Bob

Neil,,,Gary, Arthur. Bob

Neil, Gary, Arthur, Bob

    • I am having the time of my life. I guess it is easier to make friends here because we are isolated because we don’t know the language well, so we all go out of our way to be there for one another. I read an article recently about how in areas where there are a lot of expats, they aren’t so willing to help or reach out to obvious expats they see. They have the “been there done that attitude”. They are sick of answering questions about Ecuador. I hope I never get to that stage. I will forever remember how Wendy made such a difference in our acclimating to Playas. I hope I can do that for others as well.

  1. Hate to say it, but the women’s meal looked much more interesting than the men’s.
    Tomorrow afternoon I am going to learn how to make a Thai meal at church. We support an orphanage in Thailand and the pastor is visiting us now and will teach us about their cooking. Can’t wait.

    • Joan, sound like fun learning to cook Thai. Let me know how it goes. Send me a recipe, I love to try new things.

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