Going Away Party

We all enjoyed Mexican Food

We all enjoyed Mexican Food

Tonight, Sunday, Wendy gave us a going away party, since we are leaving for Crucita in 5 more days. She had a Mexican theme which many of you know is one of our favorite foods. Wendy is an excellent cook. She even made the pinata as a keepsake to take with us. Wendy made a bean dish, , quesadillas, corn bread, Spanish rice, and sopapilla for dessert. Christine made salsa that was so delicious, too. Joanne made chicken quesadillas that were great. Leo and I just ate and enjoyed ourselves. We have mixed feelings about leaving–excited and sad. Below are pictures  of the night.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful party, you will miss such great friends you have made, but hopefully you will meet equally nice people in your new town 🙂

    • Thanks, Phyllis, I am lucky because I am going to meet several expats on my second day in Crucita-craft day next door. How lucky is that?

  2. wait a minute – another going away party???That makes 2 in 2 months! You certainly are the happy travelers! It looks like Ecuador is the place to eat as I’m seeing lots of food events. Maybe we can talk this weekend. Let me know if Sat. or Sunday is good.

    • Yes, there are many food events. Just like CT. We’ll just have to keep moving around so we can keep partying! Love to talk this weekend. we are supposed to get internet on Fri. Probably Sunday will be good to talk. What is a good time, so we can be sure to be around near the computer. Miss you!

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