Smokey Will Always Be in Our Hearts

smokeySaturday afternoon Smokey, our beloved cat, passed away. We are heartbroken. She had been lethargic on our moving day, Friday. I really thought she sensed the move. She laid quietly in the car during the trip and spent most of the evening and next day just laying around. Leo called the vet who was due to come to the house on Sunday to check her out. I wasn’t too worried, because I really thought it was moving stress which she had shown before. Unfortunate, she passed quietly that afternoon. She was 18, which is 90, so she had a good long life, but that being said, it doesn’t make up for the loss we both feel. We wanted to get her cremated but couldn’t find a  vet or funeral home that would do it, so we buried her. It is very hard to lose a “family member” after 18 years. We miss her everyday.

  1. Losing pets is never easy. We lost our cat about 20 years ago and still feel the loss from time to time. We buried her in a little coffin, toasted her with a little single malt (if you can imagine our young boy doing likewise – whew) and then put a little, flat monument on the ground above her grave. One thing is certain. I always think of her every time I mow the back yard.
    One day at a time and don’t worry about those tears when they happen. Tis part of the process.

  2. I am so sorry to hear of Smokey’s passing, you both will miss her terribly, it is always so sad to lose a beloved pet, I know how that is, been there. She lived a good long life and was always lovingly cared for. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers as you grieve.

  3. Hi, Honey. We were so sorry to hear about your loss of Smokey. We know how hard it is and that he will always have a place in your hearts and never be forgotten. Wish we could do or say something to lessen your grief and hurt. We love you and miss you.

    • Thanks, Mary. We are doing a little better. Leo keeps expecting her to hop into bed and meow at him. For someone who never wanted a cat, he was hooked on Smokey as was I.

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