Sunday Around Crucita


Oliyita and I in the dining room with the flowers

Olayita and I in the dining room with the flowers

This morning, Colon and Olayita, Mario’s in-laws came to show us around. It was the first time I had met Olayita. Olayita has a vibrant personality and is easy to like. She can speak a few words of English and I can speak very few words of Spanish, so we tried. Leo did a lot of translating, though. We started off with wine and beer at our house and we showed Olayita around. Colon had seen the house when he took us around Crucita on our first visit. She loved the house. She brought us a beautiful rose arrangement which we loved.

Colon at lunch.

Colon at lunch.

Olayita and I are eating lunch.

Olayita and I are eating lunch.

Later we invited them to lunch downtown Crucita. We went to a restaurant they knew. We had shrimp and rice and beers. Colon and Olayita have been in the area all their lives. Their families have beach houses here and they live in Portoviejo 30 minutes away. They ran into family and friends all over town. After lunch, they took us for a ride around town. We went up to the hill where the people jump off and para-glide over the area. While we were there, we saw a few people having beers at the hilltop that we had met the previous day, so we went over to them and said hello. They asked us to join them, but we didn’t because we were with Colon and Olayita. Later, we met their son and his family, who were in their car, so we stopped on the side of the road and talked with them.  We had a great day. Before we left them, they said they would take us shopping one day next week. They know where to go for bargains and are able to negotiate better since they are Ecuadorians.

People parasailing off the mountain in Crucita.

People para-sailing off the mountain in Crucita.

  1. You are really getting to know a lot of people quickly, and its so nice to have a family connection to help you out.

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