Thursday, A 14 hour Shopping Day

 “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” 
― Søren Kierkegaard

Tomb of President Jose Eloy Alfredo Delgado

Tomb of President Jose Eloy Alfaro Delgado

One morning at 7:00 AM we boarded the bus for Portoviejo. When we got to the city limits we called Colon to tell him we were there. He said to get off at the police station which we did and waited a few minutes for him to get there. He and Olayita picked us up in their pick up. First we traveled to see the tomb of President Jose Eloy Alfaro Delgado, who was there in the late 1800’s. The museum was beautiful. Outside the area which was on a mountain, there was a fantastic view of Crucita and Portoviejo. We walked around the area and saw things from the 1800’s. There were shops selling things. We got a coffee there.


Next we went to see a church where they claim the Virgin Mary appeared. It was very pretty. In December there are lines around the block to see the church.

Joyce and Olayita in front of the Church where the Virgin Mary appeared.

Joyce and Olayita in front of the Church where the Virgin Mary appeared.

Next we went to Montichristi where they make wicker furniture, rustic wooden furniture, and hammocks. Mario, Leo’s nephew, bought his furniture there and supposedly we got a good price. It was rather expensive, $700 for 8 pieces (6 chairs and 2 cocktail tables). We need furniture on our covered porch. After we get the furniture today (Thrus.), that is debatable, we need to make a seat cushion for them.



Chairs we picked out.

Chairs we picked out.


Next we went to a street that was lined with hammocks as well as other things. Right away, we saw the colors I wanted. I needed long hammocks so they cost more of course. The hammocks were regularly $25.00, but we got them for $20. after Olayita did her negotiating. We got turquoise for the living room and yellow for the dining room.


We went to more stores that had ceramic things that were not my style, so I bought nothing there. I did break one though. The aisles were tight.Then we went to lunch in Manta at the beach. Every time we go out, Olayita talks with her daughter and Mario and says, now that you are not here, we are spending time with your uncle and aunt, just to tease them. After lunch we had an ice cream popsicle. They were all made with coconut. Leo and Olayita got a pure coconut one and I got  a chocolate and coconut one. They were very delicious.


Eating on the Manta Waterfront.

Next we went to Portoviejo to get curtains made for the bedroom. Privacy is a big issue here. I took my pillow case to make sure I got ones that matched my beige color scheme. Later I got an inexpensive spread to go with it. We found material with a subtle stripe. They made them in a day. I was trying to save money with the hammocks, but the cost of getting things made is so cheap, that the  bedroom drapes only cost $10 more. I have to say though, that the choice of fabrics was slim, so I am glad I got the hammocks. I will have to find some more fabric stores to see what is available.

Next we went to the Commisariato to buy groceries. We were closing in on 13 hours at this point. I was exhausted. On the way home we stopped at a restaurant in downtown Crucita where we could park in front, so we could watch the pick up loaded with stuff. The fronts of the restaurants are open so we were sitting literally feet from the truck. I was almost too tired to eat. I got home and went right to bed and slept like a baby until 7:00.



    • I am using the hammocks for drapes. Thought they would be cheaper since I saw rather expensive drapes at the Malls. I will eventually get some to lounge in at some point since I used to enjoy them when we live in FL and when we lived on the boat.

  1. I’m sure you’re very busy now but, just think, when all is finished you’ll be able to relax and enjoy everything!

  2. Love your porch furniture that you bought. Jane was here with me when I was reading your blog, and we read it together, she said she wished they had a house on the beach like yours 🙂

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