Craft Day-Beach-Find Collages

Mine is the tall one

Mine is the tall one


The beige one in the middle is one I did.


Leo and I did the one with butterflies.

Front to back: Joyce, Audrey, Jane, Jill, and Sonia

Front to back: Joyce, Audrey, Jane, Jill, and Sonia

Wednesday was Craft Day at Jill and Sy’s. We had a new member, Jane, who joined the group. Most of us made collages from things washed up on shore and others made beach scenes on canvas. I actually made three things, counting the one Leo asked me to finish that he started. At least I have a few more things to hang up around the house without spending much money. Home decorations are very expensive here. This week, we bought 2 chairs in Portoviejo that were actually made in Cuenca. Several times a year the furniture makers bring furniture to Portoviejo and Manta to sell. So I have been waiting for this. I sat in every chair in the place. I felt like Goldilocks, this is too soft, this is too hard, this is just right. They will make the chairs using the fabric I chose and deliver them from Cuenca in 15 days. We did not have a comfortable chair to sit in here, and it was making me crazy, because I could never feel comfortable in my own house. We also ordered 6 cushions for the wicker furniture we bought. I had made numerous decorative pillows covers in my colors, blue and yellow, before we came to Ecuador, so we needed the insert and the 4th side sewn, actually they put in a zipper on the 4th side, so I had 10 of those made. They were done the next day, but we can’t get there to pick that up until Saturday, when Colon and Olayita can take us in their truck-too much bulk.



  1. Finally a post, i wasn’t sure you guys were still alive. Remember this is the only way to get a sense of what you guys are up too.

    Anyways, the crafts look terrific

    • Thanks, honey, we are alive, but busy and after that trip, tired, and catching up on things we didn’t do because we were away. You know everyone needs a vacation to catch up for all the things they did on the real vacation. Daddy is out back, making me a clothesline out of bamboo poles. I have a washer, but no clothes line. Do you know about the old fashioned way of drying clothes? We actually had one when we lived in Winston Park, but you were a bit young then. Just teasing you. I am glad you are missing the posts. We miss you very much. Give the kids and Lisa a big kiss from us. Let’s Skype soon. Love, Mom and Dad

    • Thanks, Phyllis. Yes, the butterflies are made with shells. Leo did the butterflies believe it or not. Leo is developing a sensitive side! Actually, he did have one before.

  2. I like all the collages but, more than that, I like the idea that you got together with friends to make them. They will be wonderful memories. (*_*)

  3. Love the ones you made. Very pretty. I’m in Las Vegas visiting my son until Sat. Been lots of fun and relaxing. So hard to think of leaving my kids if we come to Ecuador. Keep up the good work. Looks like lots of fun.

    • Thanks, Sue. You are in a fun town. Enjoy.Leaving family and friends is the hardest part. We are having fun, but in the honeymoon phase. It will take time to really evaluate the situation. We are of the attitude: enjoy it while we can-nothing can’t be changed if we feel differently at some point.

  4. You will have to send us a picture once all your furniture and cushions arrive. Very clever, making your own wall hangings!
    Jan, Chris and I mentioned you at the Eta meeting last Tues. night. Everyone wishes you well and good luck.

    • Hi Joan, We will send pics.Thanks to you, Jan and Chris for remembering me to eta. Thanks to eta for all the well wishes. You must be busy with the union now that school has started. Hi to John.

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