Happy Birthday To Me

IMG_4406Yesterday, Monday,  we went into Portoviejo to buy a power washer. We have way too many patios to sweep and mop by hand. Not to mention floor to ceiling windows which I love. Hope the power washer will help. We have lots of eaves that collect spider cocoons, that we need to wash away. Surprisingly, we do not have a lot of spiders in the house considering all those cocoons outside. Once in a while I will  see one and pop it with my flip flop, no more spider. Today, when Leo was testing out his power washer, we found a nest of large red ants on the side of a step.  Wow, when we sprayed it did they multiply fast. Had to get out the bug spray and get ’em. I also, planted the other bamboo planter that Leo had made. I replanted some plants I already had and went around the yard and dug up periwinkles I found in the yard. While touring the yard, I found what looked like an albino lizard. They do change color, so I may have been witnessing camouflage. The other day I found a small lizard in the house and I picked it up and it dropped from my hand. Its tail was on the floor wiggling around and the tailless lizard was scurrying about. I picked the lizard up and put it outside and put its tail in the garbage. It will grow another. When you buy something in Kiwi (hardware store) they always try it out before you buy it. We had to go to the back of the Mall and pick up the power washer. We had been grocery shopping, too, because we hadn’t shopped in a week and I had nothing at home. We had to drag all of our canvas bags, packed full, down an elevator, through the parking garage, and around the back of the building on another street. I stood with the bags at the bottom of the loading dock while Leo went up to claim our washer. They unpacked the whole box, put it together, and hooked it up to water. In the meantime two more people came to claim their stuff and had to wait. The guy still had the nozzle to put together, hook it up to power, and try it out.  He sprayed the slopping driveway in front of me, I was quite a ways down but visible, so I started yelling, hey, and motioning to spray to the side of me, because being so smart I realize that in a few minutes if he continued our bags would be soaked. Moving was not an option, because I could only pick up one of the bags. Leo tried to get him to spray to the side. He did for the most part, but not entirely.  The slope had tile on it that was patterned and grooved, so the water traveled slower than I anticipated. I watched the water slowly inch toward me, but just in the knick of time, he had packed the box up and Leo had appeared beside me and a cab came around the corner and we hailed him down.

Leo and me at Che Cactus.

Leo and I at Che Cactus.

Leo and the cab driver put as much as he could in the trunk and the rest on the front seat of the cab. We had wanted to go out to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant we had been to previously with Colon and Olayita. We tried to look it up  on the internet before we left, but couldn’t find it and we didn’t know its name, so we decided to go to the 2nd favorite one. Leo happened to remember that the Mexican Restaurant was near the hospital, so he asked the cab driver if he knew of one near the hospital and he did, so we got to go to that great Mexican Restaurant, which we know is now called, Che Cactus. We took all of our “stuff” from the cab and piled it on a ledge to the left of the front door, which was watched by the parking attendant and doorman. When we walked in the the owner recognized us from before, which we thought was a nice touch. The  owner is a friend of Mario, Leo’s nephew. When Leo mentioned it was where I wanted to come on my birthday, of course, they gave me a little cake with ice cream at the end of the night, which Leo and I shared. I ate the same nacho supreme that I had before. I don’t usually do that, but it was so good that I couldn’t resist. Leo got a steak covered in cheese. I tried it, it was delicious, too. Next time, I will try something different. At home we loved Mexican food. Our favorite restaurant was Puerto Vallarta in Middletown, CT. The manager, Margarita, always knew us from the beginning. He knew everyone. We always had a drink missing from our check as well as the dessert. It is nice when a restaurant remembers you.

IMG_4412 IMG_4408

The owner, Soraya, Mario's friend.

The owner, Soraya, Mario’s friend.



Tomorrow will be 31 wonderful years for Leo and me. Below is my sweetie. I did that after his daily swim.

31 years tomorrow.

31 years tomorrow.

      • Can you tell me more information about your internet provider for your house in Crucita…. CNT ? or another provider… by wireless or cable…thanks..

        • We get internet from Samuel. The company is called Docucomp. There are 3 wireless services: $25.00 share with 4 people (1 mb/sec), or $50. share with 2 people, same speed, or $90. have it alone. We are getting several new people out here in the boonies, so it might be possible to get internet through the phone-not really available her now, but we are sending a signed letter by everyone hoping to get it. That will be much faster. Leo likes to watch his former team play volleyball, but the service is so so, we see some and listen to some of it. We want better service. Hope that answers what you wanted to know.

          • The new construction is going well. They are on the second floor now. They are only doing 2 townhouses to see how they sell. Then they will do more if successful. Are you building a one story or two story? They are behind you, so it will be a consideration for them I would imagine for their view. (I’m not suggesting you consider them in your decision, just curious).

          • I will built one story house, but with high celling and I need to raise the land look’s like your land… no choice with the high tide…..

          • Sounds nice. Understand about building it up. At my age, I should be living in a one story.

  1. Congrats to both of you. Joyce Happy 71st birthday and Leo and Joyce for 31 years of togetherness 🙂

    You certainly are living an active life down there. Will keep you young!

  2. Sounds like you’re really enjoying yourselves…Good For You!!! Wishing you a very happy birthday and a healthy, happy year ahead. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

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