Friday is Pizza Night in Crucita

Thursday, we went to Portoviejo to buy things for the party. We got off the bus in Centro instead of the Mall. We were looking for the place that made our bedroom drapes, because we had a decorative table cloth that we were going to get a hem in so we could hang it like a wall hanging. It covers a lot of white wall on the cheap. We walked around and Leo asked a few times where this place was and each one sent us in a different direction. As we were walking, I was a man sewing, so I said to Leo, he will do. He stopped what he was doing and sewed the one seam and $1.00 later we were off looking for the plastic store. We found it and bought 2 garbage cans (turquoise no less) and 2 more plastic tubs for beer. Since we couldn’t carry it, he held it until Colon came with the truck later. We found a shop across the way that also did sewing, so we had grommets put in the top of our big canvas bag, so Leo could close it, so if we had to put it under the bus, our groceries would not fall out. Six grommets $3.00. Then we stopped for an ice cream on a stick, the kind you get from the ice cream man. $2.50. After all that walking our next stop was going to be Chile Street where they have all those vendors. This required a cab for $1,00. I wanted to buy 3 meters of fabric for a table cloth, $6.00. One more fake hibiscus strand for $1.00, a small paint brush for .75 and balloons and a couple of baskets. Few more bucks spent at the Party Store, term used loosely. Next we headed for the Mall to get the dry goods for the party. We called Colon who picked us up, we went to the Plastic Place to pick up the garbage cans, we stopped at a video store so I could get my TV fix buy getting CSI Miami season 4. Then we stopped at a restaurant in Portoviejo that had a line. It was very popular. We all got a tuna steak and we shared a corn bread thing. It was very good, but I took half my tuna home. See restaurant below:



Friday, we had a fairly leisurely day. About 2:00 we decided to take a walk on the beach. We walked North. We saw quite a few nice houses along the beach that I did not know where there. Earlier in the week a man, Ski, and his daughter stopped by and said they had moved south of us. They are missionaries with Jehovah Witnesses. They had been living downtown Crucita for a while before that. The house they rented is beautiful from the outside. It is owned by someone from their church. Besides nice houses we saw thatched roof structures where they cut up sardines and pinchagua. They are allowed to fish for pinchagua now, but could not for a few weeks previous to this. Perhaps they were laying eggs at that time. Pinchagua is like a sardine but larger. After about 25 minutes we came to Sonia’s house. She recently moved in. She is the one that owns the Walk A Bout Restaurant in Crucita and has Pizza Night. She was out working in the yard at that time. Later, we came to Jill and Sy’s house and climbed the rock stairs to their gate and yelled for them. They came out and we sat on their front porch and had a beer with them and talked a while.

Scenes as we walk along the beach North of our House

I love that little yellow house.

I love that little yellow house.


At about 4:30 we, headed back home. Audrey called me while we were walking. She had just gotten back from Portoviejo where she had a massage for her neck and shoulders which hurt. She had been there everyday for 4 days for her neck. Anyway, I asked her if she felt like going to Pizza Night. We had been planning to go for several weeks, but never made it, so Leo and I decided we were going no matter what. She said she and Bill would go. We ended up leaving about 5:10 on the bus. Apparently Pizza Night starts at 5:30. We got there about on time and a few others had arrived before us. Bryan and Jim were there. We had met Bryan at the Basket Weaving, but met Jim for the first time. Also, I had talked with Sonia’s sister, La Faye before, so I met her finally. Before long, Ann and Bill arrived. I had talked to Ann on the phone one day while I was on a bus. She will not be able to come to the party, because she is going to visit her very ill brother in VA.  Her husband, Bill, will come which is nice. We met another couple, Sandy and Bob. They have been here 4 years. Joy and Harold were there. There were 2 other couples that I hadn’t met before. One couple has been here only 2 weeks and I hadn’t met the other couple. I like when we get together with people. It is fun. I did not have my camera with me, so no pictures.

Sunday, we went to Portoviejo again to shop. This time we bought two teak tables and 8 chairs. Altogether it cost $700. We wanted to have a table for 8 on the porch. The porch is where we eat, so we didn’t want the wicker set there. I think we are finished buying things now.

New tables

New tables

We had Olayita and Colon pick us up  in their truck to carry the goods. We stopped at a pastry shop to order 4 cakes for the party. We got to try them–loved that. Good thing I did because I did not like the yellow cake. I got 2 chocolates, 1 tres leche (Leo’s favorite) and one cream cheese cake with caramel on it. They are very Ecuadorian, not like USA cakes. We love all the Ecuadorian food we eat, but not all the gringos agree with that. We have half the people coming to the party that are Ecuadorian, so at least 1/2 the people will like it. Then we stopped to eat lunch at the restaurant that is catering the dinner for the party. Leo ordered the ceviche and I got the arroz con camerones. They were both as good as I remembered it, so I feel good about the dinner I ordered for the party.

I got an email from one of the newer expats here, Jane, who belongs to the Rotary Club in the USA and here and likes to volunteer her time, so she asked if she could help me on Sat. before the party and  Sun. before the party to help set up. Of course, I said sure, come on. One of my friends from Playas, Joanna, is coming to visit on Thursday and will be here for the party, so I have help there, too.

Leo in front of the house sitting in the water.

Leo in front of the house sitting in the water.

    • Thanks, Phyllis, I wish you could be here, too. We miss you, but I love just being able to saying hello to you on this blog.

  1. Nice taste in furniture! I love the new table and chairs. We have two teak rocking chairs on our front porch. Love the teak wood.
    Have a great time at your party 🙂

    • Thanks,Joan, Here on the beach, we can only use plastic or wood-everything corrodes with the salt water. Teak should hold up.

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