Thursday, Oct. 9

This morning we were having coffee on the porch and we saw some dolphins swimming by. I ran in to grab my camera, battery dead, ran back in to find the new battery, so by the time I got back the video taking was slim. Below is the video I took.

Also, while on the porch, we heard nonstop chirping and I recognized it as the little green parrots that hang out here now and then. See below.

Parrot in the tree next to the porch.

Parrot in the tree next to the porch.

One afternoon, Leo and I stopped to have coffee. I took this picture of Leo and Negro, the dog. Leo does not want a pet because he hated losing Smokey, but he is becoming like me, he is getting attached to the dogs whether he wanted to or not.

Leo getting attached to Negro.

Leo getting attached to Negro.

We have big glass doors and windows everywhere in this house and cleaning them is a big job. My friend, Jill, has Mary, her neighbor, clean her windows once a month and she cleans their house once a week. I decided to see if she would clean the windows. She and her brother, Francisco, came on Tuesday. Wow, I could not believe the difference. Leo tried to walk through a glass door a few times. I just realized I have an ocean view. For working from 9:00 until 4:00, two people we paid minimum wage, $2,50 and hour for each. The are both extremely lovely young people. I made lunch for all of us and we were able to chat with them over lunch. Leo interpreting of course. Francisco is going to take Leo on his motorcycle to the next town to get fish on Saturday. Mary already called about langostinos, but I need smaller shrimp. They are both, with their mother, coming to the party on Sunday. We like meeting people in the community. The Ecuadorians we have met are so kind and helpful. Well, before the day was over, we had bird droppings on our front glass door. Welcome to the beach.

I know you were just dying to see this.

I know you were just dying to see this.

We had an unusually high tide the other day. The water was just reaching the rock wall in front of our gate. Hope it doesn’t get any higher than this. The little yellow house I saw down the street had their rock wall destroyed and their side wall nearest the water collapsed. It can be difficult living on the beach. We are going into Portoviejo again today to do the final shopping for the party. Now I am getting produce and meat. Tomorrow I start cooking whatever I can ahead of time. We are going to pick up Joanna, a friend from Playas, where we lived previously. She is going to Guayaquil to do paperwork for her visa or cedula or whatever and then will get a bus to Portoviejo and we will get a cab from where ever we are in Portoviejo to pick her up at the bus station. She will be staying for a while. It will be fun to see her again.

I was disappointed to hear my friend, Sandra, will not becoming in Dec. Her flight was cancelled. Her travel agent is trying to book another, but the prices are high now. She may wait until her summer vacation to come. I was looking forward to her coming soon. Oh well, go with the flow!


  1. So many interesting things to see in Ecuador, imagine sitting on your porch and watching dolphins swimming by, I love dolphins, I would have been running down to get closer to them LOL

    • True, Phyllis, it is a great spot here. I love dolphins too. The dolphins were actually pretty close to shore and my running days are over!

  2. My sympathies on the door. My car is usually the beneficiary of the mini-dive-bombers around here.
    The airlines cancel and your friend now has to pay a higher price even though they cancelled? What a rip off. They actually have incentive to cancel all inexpensive flights if they get away with that. Sad.

    • Thanks, Richard, know what you mean about the car. My friend just said her travel agent said American Airlines are always canceling flights, so you must be right about that incentive.

  3. Joyce, you are wonderful!! You adjust so well to everything—your party will be a huge success!! It’s your personality and “Martha Stewart Knowhow” that puts you in the spotlight (*_*)

    • Jan, what a sweet thing to say. We did have fun. Leo was his crazy self. We miss you and the gang, you should be at the party, too.

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