Busy Weekend

Joanna from Playas

Joanna from Playas

Thursday we went to Portoviejo to shop and pick up Joanna who was coming in by bus from Playas. We rode the bus to Paseo Shopping Center. Went to get lunch. We ran into a lady, JoAnn, we had met at the basket weaving that I liked a lot. We sat and talked to her and her husband, Wally, in the food court. We ordered our meal and talked some more before they went to shop. Then Brian came in and sat down and we talked until Joanna called and said she was at the bus station. We said we’s be there in 5 minutes. We jumped up and headed out. We grabbed a cab and picked her up. We then went to the Super Maxi and bought all of our produce and meat for the party. We got another cab and headed home. On the way we saw a load of bikes going down the highway and I caught a picture.


We talked all evening, catching up on what is going on in Playas and here. I told her I had a cute guy here that she might like, Brian. I told her that I had no idea if they were the same age because I cannot tell people’s ages. I knew he would be at pizza night, so she could meet him then. Below are pictures of Leo’s handiwork, putting up the signs we made.

IMG_4529 IMG_4530 IMG_4531

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