Pain in the Butt-But not Leo

Leo's haircut

Leo’s haircut $4.00

Joyce's haircut

Joyce’s haircut $6.00

Tuesday we caught the bus for Portoviejo. We both needed a haircut, so we went to the shop across the street from the shopping Mall. The guy, Richard that cuts my friends’ hair was not there at the moment, but his wife was there, so we had her cut our hair. She did a very good job, but Leo got more of his mustache cut off than he likes. The shop was very nice and looked rather modern. I forgot to take a picture. I keep forgetting to take pictures a lot. They did not use a brush on me, because I asked if I could blow dry my own hair and she said yes. No brush needed. I use my fingers to fluffy my hair. (We discussed earlier how they do not clean brushes between customers). I realize that they don ‘t clean the combs either, but I figure there are less places for little critters to hide in a comb than in a brush. Crazy logic but it makes me feel better. Do not bust my bubble.

Afterwards we went to eat at a little restaurant a few doors down that the girl in the beauty shop recommended. I no sooner put my butt down in that chair and it completely folded like it had no screws and I went down to the floor on my butt-hence, pain in the butt! It is now Sunday and I still have a pain and bruise. We, old folks, can’t bounce back like we used to! It wasn’t even a plastic chair like they have everywhere that collapse all the time. A little shaken, I order and eat. Oh, my flip flop broke at the place it goes between your toes. Leo made a hole to push the middle section thru and put a toothpick thru the piece that went thru to the other side and it held it until I could get another pair of shoes. See pic.

Mr. Fix-It works his magic again.

Mr. Fix-It works his magic again.




Then we went to El Paseo Shopping Center to get shoes for me ($3.00), new earrings ($18.00), 2 picture frames ($6.00) and food and we stopped for ice cream.

Off to El Paseo Shopping Center

Off to El Paseo Shopping Center

Next we took a taxi to Supermaxie. Leo wanted to get somethings at Kiwi (hardware store). Leo got some hardware to hang a hammock under our covered patio and a watering can. While we were in Kiwi we saw Jimmy and Gary. Both guys offered us a ride home, but we went with Gary. Louise was in the car. We chatted with them, which made the ride much nicer than taking the bus. Again, it just goes to show how thoughtful the people are here in Ecuador.

We got home in time to see UB play Volleyball on the computer. They won and are set to be number one in the conference and host the championship. They have 3 more games to play, but if they lost all 3, they would still be #1. They lost one game in the Region, so we are not sure if they will host the regional championship. We are hoping that they go to Nationals, they are capable of it.

After the game I called Marcia and Glen, the couple who left their name on our table last Sunday. We made plans to go to Pizza Night together on Friday. They will stop by an hour before and have a cerveza with us before we go. It is so nice that they are picking us up and bringing us home, especially at night. It will be nice to have the opportunity to talk with them and get to know them, since we just met last week.


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