Expats Renew Vows at the Beach

Sonya and Bob

Sonya and Bob

Sonya and Bob invited some friends and family to witness the renewal of their wedding vows on their 25th wedding anniversary here in Crucita, Ecuador. We were fortunate to be one of their friends, so we were thrilled to be part of it with them. They live at the beach just a short way North of us. Sonya has been living in this house a few months, while Bob was in the States (CT) helping a sick relative and visiting other family members.  He was able to get back to Ecuador a few days before their 25th Wedding Anniversary. Being apart for that little bit made them even more aware of how special each one was to the other, so the renewal was especially sweet for them.

Front: Audrey, Bill, JIll Joyce Back: LaFaye, Harold, Sonya, Bob

Front: Audrey, Bill, Jill, Joyce
Back: Joy, KayLyn, LaFaye, Harold, Sonya, Bob, Sy

They had a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the cool breeze blew across the fence from the ocean onto their porch, and we all witnessed a special day. Harold, was the justice of the peace and was decked out in his tux. (He was in CA at a grandchild’s wedding recently and he brought back the tux). He had on his sandals which was so appropriate at a beach wedding. The couple was barefoot. There is a saying at the beach, “If you are wearing flipflops, you are over-dressed.” Afterwards, we had champagne to toast the couple and a had lovely luncheon. Below is a video of the occasion:


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