Sea Turtle on the Beach

Leo just called me to come out with my camera. He said your wish has come true. (Which wish is that?). It was a turtle on the beach. I had heard that the turtles would be coming up on the beach to lay their eggs, so I was hoping that I would see them. Today at 4:30 PM a turtle did come up on the beach, flipped its flippers to make a hole and then covered it up. I was assuming that she was laying eggs. Eduardo, our friend, said that they lay eggs in the morning and this one may be dying. I didn’t doubt that the turtle may die of a heart attack from the barking dogs that no one could quiet. Eduardo tried to take one dog and put her behind the fence, but she was right back on the beach in two seconds. Eduardo has repaired this fence multiple times tacking up a board in the most recent escape hatches, but they always seem to make another escape route. Eduardo even took down a large portion of fence last week and rebuilt the whole thing in an effort to contain the dogs. No such luck! Well, I was able to videotape this happening, whatever it was. Eduardo’s 8 year old daughter was here to experience this as well. The turtle made its way back to the ocean safe and who knows how shaken. I was so happy to experience another wonder of nature here in Crucita, Ecuador. I am a very lucky lady. Below are videos of the turtle’s adventure and ours.


  1. Hi Joyce,
    The turtles do that all along the Gulf Coast … especially in the Naples area as well as the Pensacola area (my current location). They have to have the lights shielded so the baby turtles can see the moon’s reflection and head right to the Gulf. As it is, the wildlife has a feast on many of them before they make it to the water.

    • I was just talking to my next door neighbor, she lived in Ft. Meyers and she was saying that she watched them in Sanibel. It is so cool to be there and watch and I had never experienced it before. I had read about the light thing throwing off the baby turtles. Nature is so fascinating.

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