Have to Buy Food

Friday we went to Portoviejo by bus. We haven’t shopped in a while, so it was time. While waiting for the bus, I saw a small green parrot in the tree:

If you click, you can enlarge the picture of the parrot.

If you click, you can enlarge the picture of the parrot.

We went to El Centro and got off and walked a few blocks to Supermaxie.



As we were walking, we saw some pretty houses along the way:

IMG_4982 IMG_4983

Just across from Supermaxie is a school that had this mural painted by the children:

A former teacher loves children's art work.

A former teacher loves children’s art work.

IMG_4986 IMG_4987

We went in a stationery store and bought pens, Christmas paper, and paint for a craft, glue stick, and a magazine for crafts on Wednesday. Leo went into Kiwi (hardware store) to pick up the hardware he had ordered to hang up hammocks. I went into Supermaxie to start shopping. I got a few items on my list before Leo arrived. We continued around and picked up the rest. While he was paying, I went to pick up our 3 bags we have to check before going into the store. What I didn’t realize that he had taken the Christmas paper out of the bag, so I left it there. We have a system for packing the bags, so we went at it. The bag boy carries the bags in his cart out to the curb where we get a taxi. These boys are mentally challenged and work for tips. We took the cab to the bus terminal where we decided we would eat. I could not carry even one bag, because they were too heavy, so I don’t know how Leo carried all 3. We ate almuerzo for $2.50. We both had fish soup and we put aji sauce in it. They make the best aji sauce I have had. Aji sauce is on most tables in restaurants. Some have a bottled aji, boring, but some make it fresh. We tried to buy a jar of it, but we couldn’t get them to sell us one. I had fish and rice and slaw for my lunch and Leo had Pork and rice and slaw. It was good, but the fish had bones and I was nervous eating it.

IMG_4991 IMG_4992

The ride home was the worst experience on the bus. It was so hot that I broke out in hives and itched everywhere. I sat there in agony for about an hour and a half. The first thing I did when I got home was take benadryl and head out front to let the cool breeze blow on me. We got home about 3:30, so we were not up to going for pizza. We will have to shop on Thurs. because the trip into town is very tiring, especially since it is getting hotter all the time. We got a facebook post from a niece in TN who posted a snowfall. It is hard to even think about snow here. Of course we are heading into summer or the wet season as they say here. I haven’t seen much rain, yet. I am looking forward to some rain, since we have to pay for water to water the plants. My plants that I planted are doing pretty well . Jill gave me some succulents that I put in the bamboo planters and they are growing so well. The filler plants I put around the hibiscus and the crotons are spreading well, too. Hopefully, they will retard weeds. The weeds are doing well, too, so I have to tackle them soon.

I wasn’t sure what Ecuadorians did for Halloween. I didn’t see any signs of it here. Audrey, my neighbor, has been on vacation in Esmeraldas and she came home on Friday night. They had to go to the Mall to get dog food on their way home, but they said the traffic was horrible. When they got to the Mall, it was so crowded with cars that they wouldn’t let cabs drive up to the door, so they had to go out onto the street to get the cab. At the Mall there were many families with children dressed up in costumes and stores in the Mall gave away treats, like in the States. I don’t know if the kids go door to door in their neighborhoods in the city.


    • Yes in the more modern houses, but not the poorer people. We have two units, in bedrooms. They are the European type on the wall not in the window. There is very little central air. Everyone says they rarely use it, especially on the beach with the wind.

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