Sunday at La Loma

Sunday we decided to go to La Loma. Joy had sent out an email to everyone that there would be bands, since it was a holiday, Day of the Dead. Most Ecuadorians go to the cemetery to clean up the gravesite and put flowers. They actually party there with the whole family. If you weren’t going to a the cemetery you wouldn’t not drive anywhere near one, because it would be hard to drive. The cemetery looks like a rock concert is going on because the grounds are wall to wall people sitting on the ground eating and drinking. There is a bread they make for the celebration that resembles a person . I couldn’t find one to buy. Below are pictures I found on the internet.

Cemeteries are crowded. PIcture from

Cemeteries are crowded.
PIcture from

Guaguas de pan, Otavalo, Ecuador. Image from flickr account lumeriefl, used under the Creative Commons License for Recognized Non Commercial Works 2.0

Guaguas de pan, Otavalo, Ecuador. Image from flickr account lumeriefl, used under the Creative Commons License for Recognized Non Commercial Works 2.0

As I mentioned in a previous post going up the mountain to La Loma is a problem if you do not own transportation, but Leo and I are not going to be left out of a party, so we rode the bus to the terminal which is at the base of the incline. Then we headed up the steep mountain road. I was banking on someone going up that mountain and having pity on those two old guys and offering us a ride. I told Leo that the first car that comes we are putting out our thumb and begging for a ride. We walked to the first landing and quite frankly, I was not doing well. There was no way I would make it to the top. Then a car came by and we put out our thumbs and sure enough the car stopped. The lady, Susan, who was driving was an expat and her husband Julio was Ecuadorian. They lived in a condo above JoAnn and Wally, a couple we had lunch with on the 5th floor walk up. They have a house in Quito that they had lived in for 25 years and this condo in Crucita that they bought recently. We hadn’t met them before, but we were pleased that they stopped for us. When we got to the restaurant, there were several people there already. Susan and Julio were going to meet up with another couple who were sitting at the expat table. As the day wore on, more and more expats arrived and by the end of it, we had a huge table of people. This time I ordered the hamburger that they are famous for and it was delicious. Leo got coconut shrimp, that was so so. Mostly everyone drank cervezas. The band playing was the one from the time before that sang in English. Before long the expats got up and started dancing. Leo tried to get the Ecuadorians up dancing, but to no avail. When we were ready to go, we asked Marlene and Michael if we could be a ride down the mountain when they were ready to leave. It turned out that they were ready to go, so they dropped us off at the bus station. They told us to call them if the bus did not come. We waited about 1/2 hour or so. There were 3 buses that came, but none were going down as far as our house, but they assured us one was coming. Finally we saw Louise and Gary, who stopped and offered us a ride. Brian got out and walked the short walk home and Leo and I got in the car with Michael and Jane who were in the back seat, too. We dropped Michael and Jane off at their road and Gary and Louise took us the rest of the way home. I cannot stress enough how thoughtful others are in Crucita. Below is video from the day:

I think we landed in the most social town in Ecuador. We are having a ball here.


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