Leo and I literally watch the sunset every day and take pictures, just trying to get that perfect shot. We are actually waiting to get a picture of the sun going into the sea. So far, the sun hits a layer of clouds just before it disappears. We never tire of  the sunset. It reminds me of when we were on our boat in NJ just across from the NYC skyline. We never tired of watching the skyline either. Some things are just iconic.


The sun is hitting the cloud layer just before disappearing.

IMG_5045 IMG_5052 IMG_5053

    • Jan, the summer season hits about Dec and Jan so I hear. It has been hot a few times, but lately it has been chilly with the wind off the ocean. It’s at that off and on stage as we ease up to Dec. I guess. Hope that ocean breeze continues. People rarely use air conditioning even in the summer, so that is hopeful.

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