Decorative Bottles






I just happened to have a couple of wine bottles available. (I never throw anything out any more that might appear to be useful). Leo spray painted the bottles and I wrapped the rope around the base using hot glue. The first thing I glued was the end of the rope to get started. Low and behold the glue lifted the paint. I did not sand the glass first, so I would recommend that you do it, or mask off the bottom of the bottle a short distance to be able to start the first row off with glue. After that I put glue on the previous row of rope and glued the next row to it. I only did that in spots here and there, not on the who row of rope. The final end, I tucked it under the previous row with glue on it to hold it. Then I did the same around the top of the bottle. Then I cut a small piece of rope and unwound it to make a tassel, and then I glued on a small shell. For every day, I will glue a shell or sand dollar on the bottom rope. I have done nothing, because I will put something Christmas related there for now until after the holidays. I will probably put a straw flower in the bottle to finish it off.

IMG_4941 IMG_4943 IMG_4944


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