The Birds

Leo and I were having breakfast this morning and  the fishing boats were going by. One boat had 7 people in it which is unusual. Usually they have 2 or maybe 3 people in them. They were traveling close to shore, so I imagined that they were bringing in a load of fish. My thoughts were confirmed when I saw this go by. See video. The guys must have thought they were on the set of The Birds, which I show in the video below. It reminded me of a time I was in Cape Cod and a friend and I were walking along the beach, but through some calf high  grasses on a path. No sooner were we  walking down the path when a huge flock of birds came out of nowhere and began to dive bomb us aiming for our heads. We began running and waving a towel over our heads until we could get off that path. After we had some time to recover emotionally, we decided that we must have unknowingly walked in an area where they had laid eggs and the birds were protecting their nests. It was scary! I thought I was on the set of “The Birds”.


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