Saturday, Time to Pick Coconuts

Today, we were able to have the coconuts taken down from our trees. It is a good idea to have them taken down periodically so that they don’t fall down on their own. One never knows if you may be standing there when they decide to give way. I have seen signs at hostels to be careful not to walk under the coconut trees. Actually, it could be deadly.

People sell coconuts here, so you can get them taken down if the workers keep the coconuts they pull down. We kept about 10, since Leo loves the coconut water in them, but Eduardo, the caretaker of this development, and his friend, Ledeer, who climbed the tree, got the rest. It was very interesting watching the process. It reminded me of my time on the island of Ponape, at the Ponape Agriculture and Trade School in 1972-73 in Micronesia. The students used to climb the coconut trees there, too, to get the coconuts.

Below is a short video of the process. It looks so easy, but we all know better!


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