La Loma at Night

Saturday night we went to La Loma with our friends, Michael and Jane for dinner. Since we are further out, we took a bus to Michael and Jane’s, had a wine and Leo had a coconut water and whiskey before leaving for La Loma. We had to get a cab to La Loma, because it is the restaurant at the top of the mountain. We left about 5:30. When we first got there an Ecuadorian and his girl friend, introduced themselves and we started talking with them. They were from Quito and were here on vacation. They were looking for jet skis to buy to start a business here. They were both personable so we chatted quite a while. As the sun was going down, we started taking pictures of the sunset. It was fun to take the sunsets from a different vantage point. Michael wanted to take a picture like he was holding the sun, so the girl from Quito took the picture with Leo’s phone. We drank cervezas until our food came. The food is so good at this restaurant. We have tried several dishes so far and everyone has been delicious. We ended up being the last ones there. We had told the cab driver to come back at 7:30. I have posted pictures of La Loma during the day and the view is spectacular, but at night it is more than spectacular. The photo does not do it justice. The cab driver did come a little after 7:30. He dropped off Michael and Jane first and then took us to Los Ranchos Estates. The ride to and from the restaurant and way out to our place was only $6.00. To have someone we can call is great because it means we don’t always have to be home by 8:00 catching the last bus. The bus makes life so limiting,especially if there is an expat event after dark. We had a lovely evening, eating and visiting with great people.

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Michael and Jane

Michael and Jane

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