Putting up the Christmas Lights

We recently had the ocean side patio painted. It looks so fresh and new. Leo had hung the Christmas lights before, but he had to take them down again for the painters. Now that they are finished, back up they go.

Leo working hard.

Leo working hard.


IMG_5859 IMG_5858 IMG_5856

Now that the painters are finished, I can get all of our outdoor patio things out of my livingroom. They have been piled up there for a week since the painters first came. Originally they stayed 1.5 days and left. After many days of negotiation between our landlords, their caretaker, and the painters, the painters returned and finished the job. As much as I like it here, getting work well done  is a challenge. It may drive some crazy, so keep that in mind if you are planning to move here. Even I can see that, in spite of the fact that I am still in the Honeymoon Phase of my time in Ecuador.

I am going to add odds and ends here.

Yesterday, Kerly, wife of the caretaker of this development came over and sat with me on the patio. She had her children with her. I tried to talk to her with the little Spanish I know and it brought to mind how much I need to learn this language. It is totally frustrating. We more or less sat there together with little conversation. We played with the  dog and  I cooed at little Eduardo, who is 8 months old and he laughed. I managed to ask her little girl, Melanie, if school was good. I had Leo say things to Kerly in Spanish that I wanted to say or ask. They are a very sweet family and I wish I could talk to them. I told Leo to say to her as she left, that I was so sorry I didn’t know more Spanish because I really wanted to be able to talk to her.

Osa and me and Melanie, Eduardo, Jr. and Kerly.

Osa and I and Melanie, Eduardo, Jr. and Kerly.


Osa begging for a dog biscuit.

Osa begging for a dog biscuit.

Sorry about the sunset pics. Like I said before, I just can’t help it.

IMG_5838 IMG_5854

Today, our friend, Micheal walked from Crucita to our house via the beach. It took him about an hour. Leo was waiting for him, so the two of them decided to walk to La Boca which was another hour plus away via the beach. They got some lunch in La Boca and then began to walk back. They walked about 45 minutes until they got to Jill and Sy’s house. They stopped in for a beer and conversation and decided to get the bus back to our house. It was high tide and the tide is rather high now and they had run into areas that had no beach. While they were gone, one of the things I did was to fool around with the camera and try to take Christmas/beach shots. See below:

IMG_5860 IMG_5864 IMG_5866



As you can see from the pics that the tide was high. It was windier than I have seen it in a while. The surf was rough and the trees were blowing wildly. I took a short video of the seas.

Another thing I did was make Christmas signs:

IMG_5875 IMG_5876 IMG_5877 IMG_5879


    • Yes, he is called Papa Noel. (fitting for your household). He does come on Christmas Eve. I will learn more about the traditions as we celebrate with Olayita, Colon, and their family this year. We are looking forward to it.

  1. Joyce,
    Loved your Christmas signs and the view of your house at night with all the lights on was marvelous 🙂 Maybe you could sell your signs next year?
    I nearly froze to death putting our lights up Friday and there is Leo shirt-less doing his. What a difference a few miles south makes!!!!

    • Thanks, as to the location here,as an aside, I happened to look up the location of our house’s longitude and latitude on google earth, and my latitude is 0 degrees and 50 minutes S. I looked it up for another sign someone sells, but I figured I could make it. I figured that I wouldn’t be still at zero,maybe 1 or 2. Seemed cool to me.

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