Friday, It must be Pizza Night

We went to pizza night and during the month of December, they are letting you choose which toppings you want on your pizza as opposed to choosing from a selection of 4. I chose the Taco Pizza and Leo got his regular Meat Lovers Pizza with extra Italian sausage, and tri colored peppers. There were about 20 people there. Sonya and Bob were kind enough to provide a Dinner for Two gift certificate for the Raffle for the Cancer Patients and Family Home in Portoviejo. We are extremely grateful for their kindness. We have had several couples sign up for the Fundraiser, so it should be a fun night as well as helpful to the Home next to the hospital.

There was a new couple there that have been here for a month, Jane and Bud. We enjoyed talking with them. They are on a tour of Ecuador, Costa Rica, Belize, and Mexico, trying to find the retirement retreat that best suits them. It should be a fun adventure for them. If you want to follow their travels, check out Bud’s blog, IMG_5883 IMG_5881


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