The Weekend

I am kind of laughing at the word, weekend. I automatically think of  free-time, no work, and get-togethers with friends, but here we are retired and to tell you the truth, everyday is like a weekend. We hardly know what day it is because there is nothing to relate it to. We have few schedules to meet. The only thing I have to remember is not to go shopping in Portoviejo on the weekends, because it is too crowded and the buses can be full and I do not want to stand. The only other thing we have to remember is get a bus by 8:00 PM or you may not get home.

Leo went to help with teaching English today.

Friday of course was Pizza Night. We went out for the bus just before 5:oo and we got a bus almost immediately, so we were the first ones there. It was about 5:15 and the Walkabout opens at 5:30. LaFaye and Kaylin were on the porch and LaFaye was drinking a cup of coffee before her shift, but of course this is like going to family’s house so they unlocked the gate and we chatted awhile while she had her coffee and then we went in and sat down. LaFaye and Kaylin waitress Friday Night and her sister and brother-in-law (Sonya and Bob), who own the restaurant, cook. We ordered the usual, salad to share, meat lovers for Leo and Combo (meat and veggie) for me. We did change it up and ordered sangria. Very shortly the others came in. The crowd was lighter than usual. There was a guy there named, Red Carr, who came from Playas. He is staying here for 2 months. I knew he was coming because my friend, Wendy from Playas emailed me to let me know he was coming. I had reached out on facebook to tell him to go to the Walkabout that night to meet the expats. He did not see my post, but had met a few people earlier in the week and they had told him about Pizza Night. We had our usual good night at the Walkabout. We left with Red about 7:30 to get the last bus. We waited at the bus station, but no buses were going in our direction. We finally asked about 8:00 and found out all the buses came in one direction because of the festival being held in town. We had missed the last bus! Now what? Then we walked to the area where the festivities were being held. There were several tuk tuks there, but we asked each one and none would go to La Boca, where Red was staying. We kept asking and finally found one that said he’d take us. After we got in and rode a while, the engine started sputtering and he said he needed gas. The gas station is down a dark road from the corner of Arenales where we usually go straight and he turned. I have to admit, I was nervous. First that we may run out of gas on that dark road and that he may decide to rob us on this strange road.  Luckily, we got to the gas station OK and then we headed in a different direction. He said he’s take Red home first and then us. It set Red back $5.00, but he got home safely. Then he took us home on another dark road I had never been on. Finally, I breathed a sigh of relief when we hit the road I knew near Jill’s house, where we go for crafts. We got home safely, but it set us back $5.00, too, but it was worth it since I did not know how we would get home otherwise.

Inside the Walkabout Restaurant.

Inside the Walkabout Restaurant.

Frank, Joy, Harold, Leo, Jane, and Bud

Frank, Joy, Harold, Leo, Jane, and Bud and Jimmy in back.


Another thing that was brought to mind when I met Red. He is staying in La Boca which is as far as you can go in Crucita. He found his place on the internet and it said it was in Crucita. Here is where the tricky part comes in. It is not REALLY in Crucita, it’s in La Boca, but locally all of this area is called Crucita by the people here even though it is not. Red had no idea that it was so far away from Crucita. He had thought he was in the town, within walking distance of the town. As a single guy alone, he would have rather been near the action. He signed up for 2 months there. It will change his whole perspective of the town. He is going through the thing I went through moving from Playas and having everything conveniently located, being able to walk to the Mall, which has the grocery store. Now he has to ride a bus for an hour and a half to get to the grocery store of any size. Any expats reading this blog, may I recommend that you get a hotel in the area you want to go to for a few nights or a week, so you can look around and know what you are getting into before you go rent for a month or more. He is paying $50. less there than we are for this big house, not that he would have wanted this one, but I am sure he could have gotten something cheaper in town. At least that wasn’t as bad as our friends in Playas who bought a house on the internet sight unseen except for pics on the internet. I guess it goes without saying, they were extremely disappointed.


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