Saturday, Surprise Party for Joy

Harold, Joy’s husband, planned a surprise birthday party for Joy. He invited about 11 of us to the party. It was held at the El Rustico Restaurant in Crucita. I had hear that this was a good restaurant that was open Thurs.-Sunday. We had just never gotten over there. We should not have waited so long! This is truly a gem of an Italian restaurant. The chef is Italian and his wife is Ecuadorian. The place is very pretty and the outside space is beautiful also. We were first to arrive, so we sat outside waiting for everyone else. We sat and talked with the owner. She was extremely cordial. Eventually everyone arrived little by little. Finally, Joy and Harold arrived and you could see Joy “giving it to Harold” when she saw all of us there. We shouted. “Surprise”. She was overwhelmed by the whole thing.

The whole gang there to celebrate Joy's Birthday.

The whole gang there to celebrate Joy’s Birthday.

After taking a few pictures, we went inside to a beautifully set table. We were all teasing Joy about her reaction. We all had a great evening together. I know Joy was thrilled and Harold was happy to be able to surprise Joy. The dinner was out of this world. We had antipasto on the table. There was also a plate of roses with chocolates on toothpicks inserted here and there. We all had a salad, too. Then we had lasagna. We drank sangria. Then we had dessert, a cake. I cannot tell you how wonderful the food was. We eat a lot of Ecuadorian food, which we love, but it was great to eat in a different kind of restaurant for a change, just like we do in the States. We do not have the choices and variety we used to have, so we cherish when we find a different type restaurant.

Thank you Harold and Joy for letting us share this celebration with you.

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