First Annual Artful Dodgers Christmas Party

Sunday, Jill and Sy had the First Annual Artful Dodgers (Craft Group) Christmas Party. We each had to wear an ugly Christmas T-Shirt. Well, I did not have time to make 2 t-shirts, so I took 2 strings of fake hibiscus flowers and made a lei and hung Christmas ornaments on it and Leo and I hung it around our necks and wore Hawaiian Shirts. That was pretty tacky and ugly. We each brought a covered dish for the meal. I love covered dish suppers, because I love to taste something someone else cooks that I may not have eaten before. The food was outstanding. We had fun sitting around talking, eating, and sipping cerveza, wine, etc. Some of the people brought their bathing suits, because Jill and Sy live on the beach. They had several boogie boards so some of the people tried those out. The waves are beginning to get bigger now that “summer or the wet season” is coming on stronger.

Speaking of weather, I have noticed that about mid Dec. you can tell it is getting hotter. At night when I go to bed, there is no breeze or not as strong a breeze as before, or the breeze comes from SW and my window is on the West, which used to get the direct breeze. It is warm, but not too bad really, yet. No air conditioner needed yet either. It is the same in the morning. I used to live in FL and this is cool next to a FL summer. Actually no comparison. When we go outside it is cooler feeling. The afternoon the breeze kicks up bigtime and it is cool again. Let me remind you, this is by the beach. When we go into Portoviejo, it is hot and you know it! I have noticed I break out in hives with the hot weather, so last time we went to Portoviejo, I had to stop at the pharmacy and get an antihistamine pill, which did work, thank God (50 cents a pill). My friend is bringing me a big bottle of Benadryl from the States.

The party was a big success and we are looking forward to the Second Annual Party!

See the crafty T-shirts:


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