Christmas Party at Albergue Padre Matias Mujica

IMG_6249Wednesday,  Jane, Michael, Leo and I went to the Albergue Padre Matias Mujica (like Ronald McDonald House) to help them with their Christmas Party. We left the house at 7:00 AM and  got there about 8:00 or so. The organizer did such a nice job of putting together volunteers to make this a special day for the cancer patients and their families.

Jane, Leo and Michael waiting to get into the Cancer Home.

Jane, Leo and Michael waiting to get into the Cancer Home.

There were many people putting out chairs which we helped with, young people putting up decorations, volunteers from the IRS putting on make up for the women and girls and  others were making hairstyles for the girls. There was a Mass at 9:00 and afterwards, there was a party. There were young people dressed up in costumes. They had 2 clowns. A man was there to play music. A lady from the radio station was there to MC. A videographer from a TV station was there. The children who were sick got to take part in dancing with the girls in costumes, the kids got to go in groups to take part in a pinata where they scrambled for candy. They volunteers served candy, drinks, juice cups, ice cream squeeze tubes. Then they served a lunch of chicken, rice, and salad. The music was going non-stop and the festive mood was enjoyed by all. The party ended about 1:30. We enjoyed seeing the kids and adults have so much fun.

Below is a video of the festivities:( I had a hard time making this video, because it kept crashing and I realize the sound was out about 1/2 way through when it finally finished.) Sorry.

  1. I’m always checking out your Blog to see the fun that you are having without your favorite Son. The sights are magnificent and it appears that you guys have build a family of your own there (all your friends), but I gotta say, volunteering at the cancer home is probably the blogs you have. To go and help those who are unfortunate to be stricken by this, especially the kids, for that I say thank you for being the people you guys are and thank you to your friends who are right there with you. Props to you guys Mom and Dad.

    • Thanks, Leonardo, that was very sweet of you to say such nice things, but that is just like you-you are sweet. We miss you and Lisa and the boys. Nothing makes up for that. We are fortunate to have such nice friends and they help take up that lonely space left when you leave family and friends, so we feel lucky to have them. Everyone here is so thoughtful and you are right, they jump in to help those who need it.

      Love and kisses,
      Mom and Dad

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