Our Residency Papers Have Been Approved


Passport is all signed and ready. I am a Resident of Ecuador.

Passport is all signed and ready. I am a Resident of Ecuador.

We received an email recently that our residency papers have been approved. All we needed to do was go to Manta and take them $320. We made plans to go on Thursday. We had mentioned it to Jill and Sy, who said they also had to go to the same building because they did not get their cedula within 30 days. We decided to go together. We left about 8:30 AM, took the bus from our house to the bus terminal in Crucita, where we caught another bus to Manta. The ride seemed pretty fast, but I may have dozed a bit. We grabbed a cab to the government building. Leo went to an ATM near it and tried to get the cash for our payment, but was unsuccessful. We went to the government building and we each grabbed a number. There was only one person in front of us. They took about 15 minutes. Then Jill and Sy went in and took about 30 minutes. In the meantime, Leo left to find a different ATM and run off two applications he filled out online last night and saved on a flashdrive. He actually got back just before they called our number. We were all set. The girl who processed us, took our official picture, we signed  few documents and she filled out a bunch of paperwork out on the computer dealing with our two applications. Then there was the entering our papers into our passport and stamp, stamp, seal. This took about an hour. While she was doing her thing, Leo and I took pictures of ourselves to commemorate the occasion.

Leo is a Resisent.

Leo is a Resident.

20150108_113739 (1)

Just another paper to sign.


We left and went across the street to a Lan office to extend the date on our return trip to the US. (we had to buy round trip tickets when we came.) Then we went to the new Supermaxie to buy groceries. We found out the newest is not the best. It was rather small and did not have the Kiwi with it, like most Suermaxies. It was not a Mall just a stand alone store. There was a little coffee, sweet shop near it that sold sandwiches, so we stopped there for lunch. The girl had to go next door to supermaxie to buy bread, so she left us alone in the shop while she left. Afterwards, we went shopping to get a few things. We decided to take a taxi home. I forgot how much I hate to ride in a car through those winding hills. I want to ride the BIG bus. I can’t see and I think I’m safer. It IS faster, though, and I did survive. (Thank you, God.)  After I put away the groceries, it was nap time.

    • Thanks Diane. Hear you had a delay at school today. I am enjoying 82 degrees.Sorry I just had to rub it in. Miss you.

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