Friday Night and No Pizza

Friday Night and No Pizza. How did that happen? Actually, it happened at our get together the other afternoon. Joy, mentioned that they were going to eat at Meirer’s in San Clemente to get goulash. She said how good it was and she had been there several times. Apparently, they sell booze at good prices in an attached liquor store, too. Everyone seemed to think it was a good idea, except for LaFaye and Kaylin, who have to waitress at the Pizza Place. The biggest chore is finding a ride. Joy and Harold were going with Glen and Marcia who have a car, Jill, Sy, Leo and I were going to hire Jimmy, the unofficial taxi, to take us. I am not sure how Dave got there. I didn’t realize who all was going but it ended up being 16  of us.

We pushed a bunch of tables together. There was a new couple visiting from Canada, Diane and Guy. We all had a good time. At least 2 of the couples had just gotten back from the States for their Christmas back “home” with family. So we caught up on their fun. Jill and Sy announced that they had a new granddaughter, McKenna Jane, born that day. They were more than happy! They will be going to Canada to meet her in a few weeks.






We all ate goulash or pizza. I forgot they did have pizza there, too. After we were there for about 1/2 hour, the electricity went out until about 15 minutes before we left. Luckily they cook with gas.  Most of the time we were there before dark. Later they put candles on the tables.






When we got there, there were a lot of gringos there from San Clemente. At first, no one acknowledged us. Then Katherine from San Clemente came over and introduced us to her new tenant in a condo she bought and we all introduced ourselves, talked to him and her and she said, wow, you all are fun, you all made the new guy feel welcome. They and another couple are coming to Pizza Night in Crucita next week.

Jill, Sy, Leo and I had to wait an hour after our gang left, because Jimmy the unofficial cab driver came late. That is just one of those things where you go with the flow. We kind of hedged our bet, by not paying him for the ride out there and told him we’d give him the full amount when he returned, so at least we were not stranded. We had a very nice night.

  1. You guys certainly know how to have fun, pizza or no pizza!
    How do you remember everyone’s names?? You have met sooooo many people!
    Continue having new adventures 🙂

    • I don’t always remember names on the first meeting, but Leo usually does, so I check with him. And of course when you see them a lot, you start to remember. Always glad to hear from you. Hello, to John.

  2. Really enjoying your blog Joyce. Looks like a fantastic life! I saw an article today naming Ecuador as the top non-USA destinations for American retirees. I can see why! BTW, Jane loved your b-day greeting in the sand. We looked at it one day when she was over, and we both thought it was cool!

    • Thanks, Marie. I am glad Jane liked the b-day greeting. We sure do miss the grandchildren. Thank heavens for Skype. Give Jane and Eileen a kiss from us. Hope all is well with you. We miss everyone! Joyce

  3. It was great for you and Leo to meet even more new people. But it was a little more lonely at the WalkAbout without you guys on Friday. Hope you are there this coming week as it will be our last

    • We will definately be their on Fri. We want to say good bye and good luck. We may not have known you long, but we have enjoyed you and hate to see you go,but we are happy that you will get to check out new places. That will be fun for you and we will follow you on Readers, this is a fun blog to check out. They are going to panama next. JANE AND BUD, see you for pizza. Joyce

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