Craft Day-Dreamcatchers

Jill in the foreground is showing Kaylin and LaFaye how to tie the string.

Jill in the foreground is showing Kaylin and LaFaye how to tie the string.

Today we made dreamcatchers. We started with wire hangers and fabric. Most of the people in our group cut lengths of scrap fabric about an inch or so wide. They chose material that had the colors in it that they wanted. Heavily printed material looks cool when it is wound around the wire. You don’t see the actual print that you may not like, because it just shows as color. We used wire hangers that were covered with the fabric strips that they wrapped around and around.







I used a piece of driftwood that I found on the beach shaped like a Y. Then I found a piece of driftwood that looked like a bird to me. Leo glued the bird piece into the point of the Y. I did not cover the wood. When we got to the part of  making the web, we used different colored, thin string. In mine, I had to figure out just where to tie the string so it made somewhat of a circle. With this I had to make sure I was making the web on the back side of the bird. The people with the hangers didn’t have to worry about that. Like in the video, we used something to represent the spider and we used feathers and beads. We all live on the beach, so finding feathers lying around on the sand is not difficult. The day I was looking, I found the whole dead bird, so I was able to get lots of feathers. Some people did use colored feathers that someone bought. Making the dreamcatcher was not difficult and everyone was happy with their results.


Below is a video by Sea Lemon on YouTube. She does a lot of crafting videos. You should check her out.

    • Diane, Thanks, I am glad you are enjoying it.If you are interested in Ecuador, please feel free to ask questions. Joyce

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